Pro-Trump #WalkAway Democrat Vernon Jones Gives Barnburner of a Speech Ahead of Georgia Recount Fight

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I speak from personal experience when I say that once you’ve seen the light and go from being politically liberal to conservative, there is a fire in the belly that sticks with you for your entire life.


That “fire in the belly” was very noticeable in the fiery speech Democrat state Rep. Vernon Jones gave in front of a crowd of Trump supporters Thursday night ahead of the Georgia recount fight.

Appearing alongside U.S House Rep. Doug Collins and Donald Trump, Jr., Jones told the crowd in attendance that Republicans “believe in the process, but this process has been tainted”:

“We are not going to stand for it, we are not going to back down,” Jones said. “We are going to fight. We don’t cut and run. This is a battle cry. You damn right, this is a battle cry.”

“We have worked too hard and too long,” he continued. “And that Donald Trump has been fighting for every American, it doesn’t matter your color was or your gender.”

“We believe in the process, but this process has been tainted,” State Rep. Jones said. “And if you taint it for one party, you taint it for the other party. If you taint it for one American, then you taint it for all Americans. And we’re not going to stand for this.”

Jones, who announced his support for President Trump’s reelection back in April, also took particular aim at failed 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams, who the media and Biden-supporting Democrats are crediting for the surge of Democratic voters who showed up to the polls in the state:


“We ain’t bullsh*tting,” Jones said. “Stacey Abrams, you want a fair fight? Bring it on.”

“You’ve been like a vacuum cleaner, getting all this underground money,” he continued. “We need to see where it’s coming from and how you’re spending it. But I know one thing you’re spending it on — suppressing the black people and other people. You’re suppressing them.”

“You’re intimidating people for having their individual thoughts and individual concerns,” Jones said. “Because they don’t support your agenda you don’t want them to vote. You don’t want them to come out and speak their minds. What you’re trying to do is keep them on that plantation.”


The Trump team has good reason to be fighting tooth and nail in Georgia. As I reported Thursday, some awfully fishy things have happened in the state this week, including how the number of votes “left to count” in Georgia conveniently kept rising after Election Day. Normally when votes are counted, the numbers left to count should be decreasing. Instead, they went up in Georgia.


And as my colleague Brandon Morse also reported, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced yesterday that some counties in the state somehow forgot to click the “upload” button when submitting updated vote totals for their respective areas. Not surprisingly, the counties were blue counties.

The state announced earlier today that they would be conducting a recount. As it currently stands, Joe Biden has a slight lead on Trump by about 1500 votes. Military ballots also need to be counted.

The fight for Georgia is not over. Stay tuned.

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