MSNBC Host Asks Democrat Vernon Jones If He's Being Paid to Support Trump, Immediately Regrets It (Watch)

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“MSNBC Live” anchor Craig Melvin and Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones (D)- 7/29/20. Screengrab via MSNBC.


Georgia state lawmaker Vernon Jones (D) appeared on MSNBC Wednesday for an interview with “MSNBC Live” anchor Craig Melvin to discuss his support for President Trump. The fireworks that ensued were arguably better than what we saw on the 4th of July.


Jones, you may recall, announced his support for Trump in April. “The Democratic party left me,” he stated at the time, echoing the words of Ronald Reagan from 1962.

During the interview, Melvin appallingly asked Jones if he was “being compensated” to support Trump’s reelection campaign. What happened after that had Melvin cutting the interview short as Jones absolutely lit into him, at one point turning the tables. Here’s a partial transcript, via Newsbusters:

MELVIN: I’m not cutting you off, but I do– are you a paid campaign surrogate? Are you being compensated?

JONES: Let me be clear. You get paid to shape a liberal narrative. You get paid to attack this president—

MELVIN: It’s a simple question

JONES: I don’t get a dime for this president. I don’t get a dime from the campaign. Everything I’ve done has been me and based on my principles. See, that’s the problem. When an African-American —

MELVIN: Sir, I did not raise your race.

JONES: Let me finish.

MELVIN: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not going to imply that I asked that question because you’re black.


JONES: Don’t ask me that. You only ask me that because I don’t fit your narrative. I don’t want anything from this president. It’s what I can do for my country and you need to accept that many other African-Americans and others support this president because of his policies. And to insult me to say am I getting paid that is disgraceful

MELVIN: I’ve asked this same question.

JONES: That is disgraceful and that’s representative of MSNBC and their narrative to keep blacks silent who happen to support this president. Why can’t I be like white liberals or other whites, nobody questions if they’re getting paid so? Do you ask Democrats are they getting paid? Are you getting paid by Joe Biden? Have you ever asked any host —

MELVIN: I have.

JONES: Whether they have been paid for Joe Biden.


Watch the explosion below, and note how Melvin appears to be embarrassed at himself as he quickly wraps up the segment in hopes of moving on:

I can’t speak to what it’s like for a black person to be insulted in such a way by the suggestion they sold out their race for money simply because they refuse to toe a particular political line, but I can speak as a woman who has faced similar accusations. It’s genuinely offensive and is designed to shame and discredit the person so as not to be taken seriously, thereby disqualifying them from the debate altogether.

This happens more often than you think to female conservatives, but even more so to conservative black Democrats and Republicans. Here’s another disgusting example:

Rep. Jones and Mr. LeVell are the latest on a long list of black conservatives on both sides of the aisle who routinely get treated this way by the supposedly tolerant left and media. It’s actually considered an acceptable practice in media/Democrat circles. God bless Jones and LeVell for standing their ground and not letting MSNBC hosts get away with their shutuppery tactics.


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