Donald Trump Jr. Says Everything Republicans Have Been Wanting to Hear for 30 Years

AP Photo/Rick Scuteri

For years Republicans have been the first to roll over and expose their soft underbellies to the left.  Every single time the left attacks them, they act like they have to explain their actions or statements in some PC way that will calm the outrage peddlers.  As we reach what appears to be peak-2020 happenings and shenanigans abound in the counting and reporting of ballots in swing states, many Republicans opined that we were headed for another roll-over. Donald Trump Jr., speaking from Georgia last night, said the following:


“I think the Democrats are used to this from a Republican Party that hasn’t had a backbone.  You aren’t going to see that this time around.  That party is gone and anyone that doesn’t fight like that, should go with it!”


As a longtime Republican, I have had issues with how candidates have rolled to Democrat demands every time they are made. In 2012, when the media circled the waters on Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment, I, at the time, stated that Romney should just come out and say that what he said was accurate, no matter how mad the left wanted to get about “divisive politics.”  Instead, Romney came out, hat in hand, and bowed to the left in asking for humble apology.


While the writing may be on the wall when it comes to a Trump victory in 2020, what you can take to the bank is that Trump isn’t just going to roll over and take it. You can expect for this to drag out for at least several more months. I even wonder if we will be over this fight come January 20th. Stay tuned!


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