CNN Anchor Jake Tapper's Sanctimonious 'Smear Campaign' Rant Continues to Backfire Spectacularly

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CNN’s Jake Tapper attends Politicon at The Pasadena Convention Center on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2017, in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP)


RedState editor-at-large Kira Davis wrote yesterday about how CNN anchor Jake Tapper went on a sanctimonious two-tweet rant on his Twitter feed Sunday about how “President Trump and his team are launching an unprecedented smear campaign against rivals” that allegedly included “bizarre conspiracy theories to spreading lies about pedophilia and even murder.”

In a second tweet, Tapper ramped up the journalistic sanctimony, claiming the attacks were “deranged and indecent” and intended to “distract” from the pandemic, the latter of which Tapper solemnly declared CNN “will continue to focus on.”

For those who missed it, here’s what Tapper said in full:

Kira noted in her post a viral supercut of past Tapper segments on CNN where he demonstrated that his outrage over the sharing of “bizarre conspiracy theories, spreading lies” and sensational sexual assault claims was … selective, to put it mildly.


But I wanted to focus on another viral video clip of Tapper, a three minute video of him talking with porn star Stormy Daniels’ former attorney Michael Avenatti, who was a regular, featured, celebrated guest on CNN right up until he was exposed by the feds as an utter fraud.

In the clip, Tapper is seen conducting a phone interview with Avenatti where they talked about the allegations by Julie Swetnick in which she claimed, without evidence, that then-SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh was a routine participant in gang rape chains as a teenager.

Pay particularly close attention to the part where Tapper, who obviously takes Avenatti and the claims against Kavanaugh seriously, states to Avenatti that “I’m not saying I don’t believe them” at around the :50 mark:

This smear campaign against Kavanaugh to destroy his reputation and derail his nomination to the Supreme Court was unquestionably “unmoored from reality” and”deranged and indecent”, and yet Tapper, his CNN colleagues, and the rest of the media at large treated them with the utmost reverence and respect, unlike how they’ve treated former Biden Senate staffer Tara Reade’s much more credible sexual assault claims against the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden.


Ultimately, what Tapper’s tweets did was send a crystal clear signal to the Biden campaign that he and his employer CNN will continue to either ignore or only give passing coverage to allegations against Biden that portray him and/or his campaign in a negative light. That’s why they’ve looked the other way on the campaign’s nasty attacks against CBS News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge, have only given the bare minimum lip service to Tara Reade’s claims, and have dismissed acting DNI Richard Grenell’s unmasking list that included Biden’s name on it as a big nothingburger.

In other words, same sh*t, different day from CNN – except this time mixed with an extra dash of sanctimonious hypocrisy for good measure.



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