Joe Biden Promises to 'End Trump's Chaos', But Dan Crenshaw Fact Checks Him With Inconvenient Reminder

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As my colleagues and I have previously reported, mainstream media reporters are busy spinning like tops over the possibility that there will be post-Election Day violence in Democrat-run hotbeds like Washington, D.C., NYC, Portland, and so on.


If there is – and in all likelihood, there will be no matter the outcome – these same journalists have suggested without evidence that the violence will be committed by unhappy Trump supporters in the event their guy doesn’t win on Tuesday.

These media figures are, of course, just echoing what their cohorts in the Democratic party have been saying about how the chaos we’ve seen this year has been all Trump’s fault. As a result, they allege, Trump voters in caravans will be running people off the road a la the Texas incident from Friday (even though MSM reporting on that incident has been flat out wrong) and engaging in other types of violent post-election mayhem that has no place in civilized society.

The Democratic presidential nominee himself took to the Twitter machine Sunday to reiterate the talking point about how all the chaos that has taken place this year can be laid at the feet of President Trump.

“I promise you this: I’ll end Donald Trump’s chaos and end this crisis,” Biden tweeted yesterday:

The problem with Biden’s claim is that it’s not exactly Trump supporters who have been looting, rioting, and burning down cities since May, as Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-2) reminded him in a response tweet:


Crenshaw is exactly right here, and his point cannot be emphasized enough as we head into “Decision Day 2020.”

Democrats, liberal commentators and their allies in the mainstream press can gaslight til the cows come home about how unhappy Republicans are supposedly going to wreak havoc across the country in the event of a Trump loss. But the business owners in these Democratic cities who are spending money they probably don’t have boarding up their buildings have seen first hand who the destroyers of their cities have been.

It’s not random MAGA hat wearers and it’s not Trump caravans. It’s coordinated efforts from Antifa/BLM-led groups to intimidate by force local leaders into bowing to their radical demands to defund the police, abolish capitalism, etc.

The extremists in Antifa and BLM have made more than clear with their violent anarchistic tactics this year that they take a “by any means approach” to getting what they want. And that means, if necessary, lighting cities on fire once again if their preferred candidate is not elected president.


If there is any violence since from Trump supporters in the aftermath of the election, it will likely be in the form of them defending themselves, their families, their homes, and/or their businesses from the type of vile and violent left-wing thuggery Democrats like Joe Biden and mainstream media outlets like CNN have coddled these last few months in the name of “social justice” or whatever their excuse for it may be on any given day.

Do not be fooled. The boarding up of businesses has nothing to do with fear of right-wing violence. Not one bit.

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