The FBI That Hid the Hunter Biden Laptops Is on the Job Investigating a Trump Truck Caravan in Texas

On Friday, the Biden-Harris campaign bus, known as the “Pudding and Sweet Cheeks Express,” was on the road from San Antonio to Austin. This is part of the head fake that the Democrats do every other year to give their supporters spank material, it’s called “we’re turning Texas Blue.” This is a fundraising gambit, not a serious political strategy and this year the Democrats and their willing stenographers in the press are trying to convince the credulous that Texas is in play.


As the Pudding and Sweet Cheeks Express approached Austin they were met by a welcoming committee. I’m not sure who this intense, high strung little fellow is — the Rolling Stone ensures me he’s something other than a historian with a penchant for sexual perversion, which, admittedly, doesn’t narrow the waterfront down a whole lot — but he characterized free people acting freely as an “ambush:”

Keep these tweets in mind as we go forward, we’ll come back to them in a minute.

The trucks surrounded the Biden bus and carried out a peaceful protest by erecting a protective barrier behind which Joe Biden could nap in comfort and Kamala Harris could search for her next “mentor.”


This is what it looked like.

And President Trump applauded the effort.

There was a single incident. A white vehicle belonging to some Biden supporter attempted to force its way into another lane and a much larger Trump truck refused to give ground (video cued for your convenience):

The black Trump truck is already in the far right lane when the white truck recklessly attempts to force it onto the shoulder of the road.

This video shows that the Biden bus was weaving in a threatening manner towards vehicles that were not impeding it.

Some Biden staffers called the thoroughly stump-trained Maggie Haberman of the New York Times and claimed that Trump vehicles tried to run the Biden bus off the road: Vehicles flying Trump flags try to force a Biden-Harris campaign bus off a highway in Texas.

Multiple vehicles bearing Trump flags and signs surrounded a Biden-Harris campaign bus heading from San Antonio to Austin on Friday, forcing campaign officials to scrap two campaign events, according to reports by Democratic officials on Saturday.

The vehicles surrounded the bus on busy Interstate 35 and appeared to be attempting to slow it down and force it to the side of the road, according to social media posts from witnesses and accounts by party activists. In one instance, the vehicles pulled in front of the bus and tried to stop in the middle of the highway.

Katie Naranjo, chair of the Travis County Democratic Party, tweeted that Trump supporters also “ran into a person’s car, yelling curse words and threats.” The bus was occupied by campaign staff workers, who notified local law enforcement, which assisted the vehicle in reaching its destination, party officials said.


Video shows that last paragraph is a total lie. There are no links to any video in the article substantiating the allegations. So far I’ve seen no video that documents that claim and I find it hard to believe there would not be some were it the case. This is solely a case of the New York Times running a political hit based on no evidence whatsoever.

But that was all it took.

The FBI is investigating a “Trump Train” incident from Friday, in which a Biden campaign bus was surrounded by a dozen pickup trucks driven by Trump supporters as it traveled down a Texas interstate, according to a report.

All it took was to make Joe Biden look stupid and for President Trump to endorse it, and the same FBI that falsified evidence on Mike Flynn, lied to get FISA warrants on Carter Page, promoted the bogus Steele dossier, and couldn’t be bothered to take a look at Hunter Biden’s laptop contents were on this like white on rice.

If President Trump wins on Tuesday one of the first things he needs to do is tell 99% of the top officials in the FBI that they need to pack their sh** and get off the battlefield. This is ridiculous behavior from an organization that is supposed to be a law enforcement agency but seems to be constantly trying out the newest Hugo Boss uniform designs… particularly the black ones, with lots of silver trim and jackboots.


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