NYT Reporter Whines About Conservatives' Reactions to Philly Riots, Gets the Responses He Deserves

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

What’s happened in Philadelphia over the last couple of nights has been nothing short of horrific.

Not long after the officer-involved shooting death of a knife-wielding Walter Wallace Jr. on Monday, riots broke out across the city. Police officers have been viciously assaulted, at least 11 people have been shot, and the looting and chaos that has taken over city streets is as bad if not worse than it was in Minneapolis in the immediate aftermath of the death of George Floyd, according to Townhall.com reporter Julia Rosas.

As big as this story of the Philly rioting and looting should be, however, many national media outlets have chosen to either give it minimal coverage or outright ignore it. Instead, their focus was elsewhere last night, like on how the coronavirus has impacted both the economy and President Trump’s reelection chances:

New York Times “investigative reporter” Eric Lipton stuck his foot in his mouth big time in a tweet he posted in response to complaints from conservatives about the lack of substantial reporting on the Philadelphia situation from national outlets like the NYT, the Washington Post, CNN, and others:

Imagine being the reporter who goes all “conservatives pounce” on a story about the burning down of a major American city instead of being the reporter who helps his employer provide the coverage readers are looking for on stories of national import like what’s happening in Philadelphia:

I think the answer to that question is clear. Basically what Lipton (unknowingly) did in his tweet was three things:

1) Confirmed that, at least in Media World, all it takes for a big-city newspaper to be able to claim they’ve “covered” a story is to do the bare minimum reporting and then move on. This is what I call “obligatory reporting”, which is what news organizations like CNN did regarding Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden earlier this year.

They are obligated to report it by the very nature of their profession, but they really don’t want to. So they put in a minimal, obligatory effort when gathering the information needed to be able to say they’ve “reported” on it.

2) Confirm that in the eyes of reporters at some national news outlets, minimal coverage of a disturbing story that could potentially be damaging to the campaign of that outlet’s preferred candidate is both acceptable and necessary (as we’ve also seen with the Bobulinksi story).

3) Reaffirm that legitimate concerns from conservatives about what the national media chooses and does not choose to thoroughly cover are irrelevant to many big-league journalists.

It’s becoming easier to draw such conclusions because smug media figures like Lipton have gotten more comfortable over the last few years with saying the quiet part out loud about the liberal biases in their straight-news reporting that in the past editors at major news outlets would strenuously deny.

Perhaps Lipton deserves a word or two of “thanks” for more or less confirming what media critics have been saying about the sorry state of the media for the few decades.

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