The Wahmbulance Is Called After AOC Melts Down Over Trump Calling Her 'AOC' at Debate

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Of all the post-presidential debate hot takes from Democrats last night, perhaps the most idiotic of them all was the one posted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in the wee hours of the morning, over two hours after the debate between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had concluded.

Anyone who watched the hour and a half event knows that a wide range of topics were discussed, from fracking to Obamacare, to the Hunter Biden email scandal.

But as per the norm, “Squad” leader AOC was narcissistically hellbent on not just making the debate about her, but also about yet again proclaiming herself to be a victim of sexism or something.

Why? Because during the debate, President Trump had the nerve to call her by the name she uses on Twitter and in the hallways of Congress – AOC – rather than call her Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

This is just downright embarrassing. Not just from a female perspective but also from a “but everyone else does it to each other, too, including you” perspective.

First off, Trump often refers to his political adversaries by their first names and/or without their official titles, whether they are men or women:

And he’s far from the only one. Democrats and Republicans alike frequently refer to each other by their first names in interviews and sometimes during debates, too, because oftentimes many of them know each other off-camera, whether it be because they are colleagues in Washington, D.C. or frequently appear on the talk show circuit on the same programs at the same time, or some other related reason.

My RedState colleague Brad Slager posted a perfect example of this earlier:

Plus, there is the also fact that AOC is her Twitter handle:

Per Brandon Morse, AOC went by “AOC” during her much-talked-about Twitch stream earlier this week, too.

Leaders from the past are frequently referred to by their initials and not their titles as well, like JFK, FDR, MLK, etc. It’s not a sign of disrespect to refer to people in this manner.

And beyond that, her making this a “sexism” issue is, as I noted earlier, embarrassing in the extreme because – and I promise you this – most women do not notice nor care about the use of titles or lack thereof, because they’re just as likely to call a colleague or a famous figure by their initials as anyone else is.

The only people who really “care” about this nontroversy are perpetually outraged and unhappy “feminists” like AOC, who do women a disservice every single time they become triggered over irrelevant “issues” like this instead of focusing on the ones that really matter to women and men alike.

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