Hillary Clinton Tries Dunking Trump's Handling of the Pandemic Economy, but Then Facts Get Dropped

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Democrats have made many, many dishonest attacks against President Trump and other Republicans this election cycle. But one of the most dishonest of all is the one that goes something like “our economy would be in better shape right now if Trump hadn’t been president.”

It’s an attack that, predictably, some in the mainstream media have amplified themselves, but it leaves out a few key details – as Hillary Clinton was reminded after posting a tweet response to a news report from NBC News about how 8,000,000 Americans have “slipped into poverty” amid the Wuhan virus pandemic if a recent study is to be believed:

The failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee took the opportunity presented by the tweet to try a dunk on Trump’s handling of the economy, insinuating that things didn’t have to be this way:

The problem, of course, with Clinton’s swipe is that she conveniently omits a few things, like how it’s Democrats and not Republicans who wanted to completely shut their states down, and how Trump was pushing to get our economy back up and running sooner rather than later because, in his view, the “cure” couldn’t be worse than the virus. And when Republicans took to the streets to march in favor of reopening, they were called “grandma killers” by Democrats and their mainstream media allies.

There’s also the fact that the economies in red states are doing better than the ones in blue states because the blue states are more restrictive on what businesses they will and will not be allowed to reopen. Plus, let’s not forget about China’s role in all of this, considering they withheld vital information about this virus from the outset, muzzling their own scientists – some of who have disappeared or died.

Had they been more upfront and honest about the virus from the start, it might have given other countries including ours the head start we needed to more effectively combat it. But they didn’t, and as a result, here we are.

This ain’t rocket science, folks, but the Hillary Clintons of the world want you to forget all that because their hatred for Trump supersedes all logic and reason. Twitter users, including our own Brandon Morse, set her straight in the comments:

The facts, as inconvenient as they are to Democrats, speak for themselves. The economy was humming right along and getting stronger until the pandemic hit. Then, things went south fast and stayed that way for a couple of months. But as time has gone on, the economy has defied the odds and has shown strong signs of recovery – which is in large part due to how red states like Texas and Florida chose to reopen in comparison to how blue states like New York and Michigan chose to.

Don’t go away mad, China apologist Hillary Clinton. Just. go. away. Really. Go away.

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