Male Portland Officer Gives Best Response When Asked About Providing Female Officer for Protester Patdown

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Black Lives Matter protester Jorge Mendoza holds a sign while rallying at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse on Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)


Portland, Oregon fancies itself as one of the most “woke” and progressive cities in America. And on Sunday, some Portland officers patrolling the streets as fires were being set reminded “peaceful protesters” of that fact in a “turn the tables” sort of way.

Shauna Sowersby, a Seattle-based freelance reporter and photographer, was covering the Portland riots over the weekend and shared videos of what she witnessed.

Sowersby, who appears to be sympathetic with the marchers, posted one clip from late Saturday night that showed a fire that had been set inside the Portland Police Association (PPA) building. Because of this violent action and others, she reported the police had declared a riot:

A couple of hours later, she noted the building was being secured by the police:

About half an hour after that, Sowersby posted video to Twitter of a female “protester” being detained by the police. Sowersby asked if there was a female officer available to witness the brief patdown of the woman, and you can hear one of the male officers say “nope.”


Another male officer, presumably the one doing the patdown, also responded by asking “how do you know I don’t identify as a female?” As the other officers laughed, you could hear a demonstrator mumble “f*cking smart a**” while another yelled “we hate you!” It appears that the patdown lasted all of about 5 seconds before the woman was escorted to the back of a police van:

I would not be surprised to find out that agitators who saw the patdown and heard the comments will report the officers for “lack of sensitivity” or whatever. But I’m inclined to cut them a lot of slack here, considering the hell that rioters have put them and the city of Portland through over the last two months.

(Hat tip: The Blaze)


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