How It's Done: Professor Details Her Success in Stopping Her Dept's 'Woke Statement on Recent Social Unrest'

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As I’ve previously noted, people across the country have become extremely frustrated by the lack of leadership shown in cities and states where historical statues and monuments continue to get vandalized and pulled down by angry leftist mobs while law enforcement officers stand back and watch, and mayors and governors make lame excuses.

There’s also a growing sense of frustration among Republicans, as popular conservative commentators like Tucker Carlson have pointed out again and again, that too few GOP leaders are stepping up to the plate to push back on the leftist destruction, mayhem, and rewriting of history that is taking place in American newsrooms and classrooms as we speak.

Though I share these concerns, my general sense on this is that the tide is slowly turning in the right’s favor on these matters as more Republican leaders like Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), Sen. Tom Cotton (AR), Sen. Tim Scott (SC), Gov. Kristi Noem (SD), and President Trump himself are drawing lines in the sand and telling rage mobs “no more” and “not on my watch.”

But though it’s imperative that our elected leaders rise to the occasion and push back hard on cancel culturalists, so-called social justice warriors, and the woke mafia, it’s also incumbent upon the average American citizen to do their part. As cliché as it may sound, change starts at home, in our backyards, and in our communities and educational institutions.


Change starting in her community is exactly what one science professor on Twitter, who chooses to remain anonymous for understandable reasons, had in mind when she successfully lobbied to stop her department from issuing a “woke statement” on the ongoing civil unrest throughout the country.

The professor detailed how she went about doing it in the Twitter thread below. The discerning reader will note that she did it largely by using the “woke” left’s own tactics against them, something to keep in mind for those who are struggling with how to effectively combat woke dogma in their own workplace or elsewhere:


In her last tweet on the topic, she emphasized again how success was largely dependent on how many people within a particular department were willing to listen. In instances where there weren’t enough who would, she advised sane folks to “get out now”:


My only quibble with it was in her advising those in academia who were surrounded by uncooperative “wokinistas” to get out. I believe even in those instances one should stand and fight.

In any event, check out the full unrolled thread here. It’s a fascinating read.


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