Hard-Hitting Chicago 'Reporters' Gleefully Snitch on Neighborhood Ice Cream Man, Urge Viewers to Call 911

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Ice cream is handed across the counter to a costumer at Fine Sweet Shoppe Bakery and Deli in the Eastern Market in Washington, Wednesday, July 29, 2015. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Since the start of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak here in the U.S., there have unfortunately been a lot of stories of absolute foolishness taking place regarding people snitching on neighbors and businesses – sometimes at the direction of local and state officials.

The result has been a disturbing number of instances involving law enforcement officers showing up and either forcing business owners to shut back down or carting them off to jail in handcuffs.

The Shelley Luther case out of Texas is one of the more egregious examples of snitch/police/judicial system overreach, but sometimes the examples of overreach have nothing to do with police officers and judges and everything to do with Karens who have too much time on their hands and space to fill on their evening news broadcasts.

Such was the case this week with CBS Chicago, where two “reporters” tag-teamed to give Woodward and Bernstein a run for their money by way of snitching on a neighborhood ice cream man, broadcasting it on TV for hundreds of thousands to see – and then urging viewers to tie up police resources call 911 if they saw him again in the neighborhood.

The dramatic headline read as follows:

In Violation Of State Order, Ice Cream Truck Operator Sells Treats While Not Wearing Mask Or Gloves In Hoffman Estates

Here’s the “story“:

Yet Mr. Freeze – not his name – was right there in his truck of treats, unmasked and ungloved as he took cash for cones in the northwest suburbs Wednesday afternoon.

That was when CBS 2 Assignment Editor Greg Kelly, a father of two, got on his bike and said, “Wait a minute!”

“Do you think it’s a good idea to be doing this with the stay at home order? COVID-19,” Kelly said.

Eventually, Kelly got a bit closer and tried to get answers from Mr. Freeze, not his name.


All of this happened in Hoffman Estates, where we learned ice cream trucks are banned and have been for years.

The Hoffman Estates village manager said if you see the ice cream man there, call 911.


Because I didn’t want this post to be too long, I cut out a lot of the text of the report. Instead, watch the minute and 45 second video clip below to get the full picture of just how ridiculous this whole segment was – all done by by “reporters” looking for an angle – even if it means making the ice cream man look like a dangerous criminal who should be reported to authorities.

Seriously – watch it:

These guys were actually proud of themselves.

Twitter users responded accordingly:


And to complete the circle, Snow White wins with the tweet of the day:

Ice cream has really been getting a bad rap since the start of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak SMH.

Oh well. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is probably proud of them, all things considered. Maybe even proud enough to award them with a key to the city for their bravery.


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