Jen Rubin Fangirls Over Gov. Cuomo's 'Science'-Based Wuhan Virus Approach, Gets a Reality Check Soon After

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In this March 24, 2020 photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference against a backdrop of medical supplies at the Jacob Javits Center that will house a temporary hospital in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)


Never Trumper Jennifer Rubin bills herself as a “conservative” columnist for the Washington Post, but you’d never know if it you read her columns or her Twitter feed.

Rubin has either highly praised and/or endorsed Democratic candidates at the top and bottom of national tickets, as well as state and local races – because the way one goes about “conserving conservatism” is to remove as many conservative Republicans from office as possible, you see.

The latest curious example of Rubin demonstrating her “conservative” prowess is in a column she wrote in which she fangirls over New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “science”-based approach to handling the Wuhan coronavirus crisis:

“Govern by science, not your gut”, she states emphatically.

There’s so much wrong with this flaming hot take that it’s hard to know where to start.

First off, the photo used in the column shows Cuomo not “governing by science.” He’s “helping” clean a New York City subway car without wearing all the necessary protective equipment, as you see the professionals wear in the photo. Yes, he has on a mask and gloves, but considering how filthy New York City subways reportedly have been and how they have reportedly been a major source of the spread of the virus, he shouldn’t be cleaning it unless he’s suited up from head to toe in protective gear.


Second, and also related to the subway matter, after everything New York City has been through over the last month and a half with this virus, with essential workers still having to take the subway to get to work because no one has a car in NYC, and with weekly reports filed about how the homeless have been sleeping in subway trains overnight, why has Cuomo only recently – as in last week – given the order for them to be cleaned and sanitized on a nightly basis? This should have been happening from the start.

The nursing home scandal alone should make anyone not consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome seriously question Cuomo’s “science”-based “leadership” skills during this crisis:


Look, I realize Rubin operates from the Orange Man Bad premise every time she tweets and every time she writes, but surely even she can see here that Cuomo’s approach – along with Mayor de Blasio’s – has created more problems and not less for the people of New York, right?


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