Watch: 'Media Mob' Montage of the MSM Downplaying Wuhan Virus a Devastating Indictment of Media Hackery

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FILE – In this April 28, 2018 file photo, an audience member holds a ‘fake news’ sign during a President Donald Trump rally in Washington Township, Mich. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)


As I’ve written before, the push has been on over the last several weeks to blame Fox News for allegedly “downplaying” the threat from the Wuhan coronavirus. 74 journalism professors wrote a letter to the network alleging Fox viewers “have been regularly subjected to misinformation” from some of the network’s anchors and show hosts.

Rival news networks and outlets like the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC have also bashed Fox News for what they say has been deceptive reporting about the pandemic.

Fox News has not taken any of this lightly. Some of their opinion hosts, like Tucker Carlson, have strongly pushed back against these claims by providing evidence of how Fox News took the Wuhan coronavirus seriously early on. In addition to that, others have critically examined the past coverage of their critics, which showed that outlets like CNN and MSNBC were raging hypocrites.

Related to all this, Sean Hannity did an extended commentary late last week in which he unleashed a mountain of evidence using video clips and headlines from other media sources who had been harshly critical in recent weeks of Fox News’ coverage. What he produced was a devastating indictment of the pure media hackery that has been on display from The Usual Suspects in the mainstream media since the very early days of their Wuhan coronavirus coverage.


These outlets, Hannity noted with evidence, downplayed the virus and accused President Trump well into February of overreacting to it, accusing him of “fearmongering” and “xenophobia.” They then later flipped a switch and accused Trump not doing enough when it was politically convenient for them to do so.

Hannity also said of other media outlets what they would never, in turn, graciously say about Fox News’ coverage – he stated that to a certain extent it was understandable why news outlets would have downplayed the virus since China had lied to the world for months about the origins of the virus and how it was transmitted.

But ultimately, he said, the left-wing media’s coverage was about politics, and they played them in a despicably dishonest way.

Watch Hannity’s commentary, with numerous examples shown, on the media mob downplaying the virus and then switching gears when it conveniently suited their narratives:

As I’ve said before, the smear campaigns by rival outlets are not going to stop even though they’ve been called out on their overwhelming hypocrisy, nor will they ever own up to it. But it’s still worth noting all the same for the record – and definitely worth pointing out to to people who play the tiresome “bbbbut Fox News” game.


There’s something to be said about making sure you get your own house in order before you go pointing fingers at someone else’s. Too bad the CNNs and the MSNBCs of the world operate from the Orange Man Bad/Fox News Evil premise, instead of that one.


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