Oops: Joe Biden Accidentally Admits He Would Do ... What Trump Has Already Done to Combat the Wuhan Virus

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020, in Ames, Iowa. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)


As I noted earlier today, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has been a total dumpster fire over the last several weeks.

He’s done live interviews that have been a disaster. Journalists are reminding him on how to properly cough during live segments. A recent “virtual happy hour” Biden did did not go well.

Not only that, but his “shadow briefings” haven’t made him look very presidential, and he’s also been hit with a sexual assault allegation from one of his former Senate staffers.

Unfortunately for Joe, the pledges he’s made on his social media accounts aren’t doing him any favors, either.

On Thursday, Biden tweeted out what he’d do to combat the Wuhan coronavirus if he was president right now:

But … that sounds like what Trump has already done, right?


One question remains, however: Would Biden also have implemented the China travel ban, as Trump did?

The answer is that he probably would not have put the China travel ban policy in place, and for that reason and many more, we can be thankful right now that Trump is president and not Joe Biden.


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