Mayor de Blasio Preparing Kids for Future Bread Lines With "Meatless Mondays" Program

Let’s hear it for “Meatless Mondays”!

At least that’s what New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to be hearing from the city’s schoolchildren after Monday’s announcement about the expansion of the “Meatless Monday” program:


The program, which was first piloted in 15 schools in Brooklyn in spring 2018, will become a citywide initiative beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, at which point all schools will serve vegetarian menus on Mondays.

“Meatless Mondays” is a national initiative that focuses on healthy, environmentally friendly meal options. According to the city, this past fall, the pilot was brought to schools citywide in order to evaluate student feedback on a broader scale. The decision to implement “Meatless Mondays” across city schools came following an evaluation of participation metrics and student feedback.


“Cutting back on meat a little will improve New Yorkers’ health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement. “We’re expanding Meatless Mondays to all public schools to keep our lunch and planet green for generations to come.”

The mayor himself even took to the Twitter machine yesterday to promote the program:


Of 4th graders and 7th graders, de Blasio said, “…they are passionate about wanting to make sure they are healthy and the earth is healthy.”

Sure, mayor. $20 bucks says the kids said no such thing, but no doubt comrade Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doing a happy dance over this decision.


It’s all about the priorities, says Republican strategist Colin Reed:

De Blasio has no problem lecturing kids at New York’s public schools about “cutting back on meat” to save the environment. But he’s shown less interest giving up the fleet of SUVs that bring him to and from the gym. Or reducing the pork in his stewardship of the taxpayers’ finances. According to the New York Post, city spending has increased 32 percent in the de Blasio years, with an estimated $3 billion more expected in Hizzoner’s latest budget.

The mayor has grown fond of saying, “There is plenty of money in this world. It’s just in the wrong hands” as a means of justifying his expansion of government into every aspect of life. No word if he counts he and his wife in the “wrong hands” camp after a recent media report suggesting the duo has squandered more than a billion dollars of unaccounted-for taxpayer dollars.


As always for liberals, it’s “do as I say, not as I do.”

I think it would be hysterical if a New York photo journalist managed to get a photo of de Blasio eating steak or chicken at a swanky restaurant on a Monday, at the same time schoolchildren are having to go meatless.

By the way, anyone else think this program will go over with the kids about as well as Michelle Obama’s school lunch program did?

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