A Step Forward -- Adding "Blue Anon" to the Political Lexicon to Stigmatize Idiot Pundits on the Left

A Step Forward -- Adding "Blue Anon" to the Political Lexicon to Stigmatize Idiot Pundits on the Left
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THIS I Like — a lot.

All conservatives have lived for years with the media stigmatizing every non-Democrat/liberal point of view with being somehow sympathetic to “QAnon” — whatever that might be.

Whatever “QAnon” began as — someone with a “Q” level security clearance who began posting provocative conspiracy theories on the internet about the “Deep State” suggesting they had some form of inside information is the best I’ve ever been able to pin down its origins — it was transmogrified by the left-wing media establishment into some “catch-all” classification for all non-conformist political and social conservative movement adherents that had to be expressly disavowed in order to be accepted into polite political commentary.

The “worst” of the “QAnon” conspiracy traffickers were hung around the necks of all conservatives who might have found some aspects of the non-mainstream conspiracy viewpoints as interesting and worthy of consideration and debate.  That willingness to entertain SOME of the ideas, and not dismiss everything attributed to “QAnon” out-of-hand has treated the issue as “all-in” or “all-out” in terms of endorsing or rejecting the QAnon narrative AS CREATED AND DEFINED by the left-wing media and the Democrats.

It was the media-politico equivalent of the “When did you stop beating your wife” conundrum for conservatives who did not want to be branded as wackos by the political opposition who controlled the media and big tech.

But now it appears that a counter-attack has been successfully launched in some small way — if conservatives can unite behind it and make it stick.

“Blue Anon” is an apt descriptor for the nearly illiterate opinion-makers on the left who seem to be working overtime to come up with ridiculous theories to explain why it is that so much of the policy agenda of the radical wing of the Democrat party is so unpopular.  Here are some examples which should fall right in the heart of the “Blue Anon” definition — hyperbole or not (sometimes it’s hard to tell).

Joy Reid claiming that Republicans would give back all the tax cuts in order to be able to use the “N” word without restriction.   Now that sounds like hyperbole, but Joy Reid lost the benefit of the doubt on that question a long long time ago.

I wrote a story a couple of days ago about the San Francisco talk show host who believes the accusers of Gov. Andrew Cuomo are operatives on behalf of the NY GOP, with the goal being to have Cuomo step down in order to get a Republican elected to replace him, and that new Republican Governor would then pardon Pres. Trump for any violations of NY law.  His tweet in that regard got thousands of responses agreeing with him –some wondering why it took him so long to figure that out.  All the media — including CNN and MSNBC — were in on the plot, as evidenced by the fact that they were covering the story at all.

Lastly — for our purposes here — there is a story out today calling attention to the new media narrative that BLM protests last summer were non-violent, unlike the Jan. 6 “riots” by white supremacists who were all Trump supporters.

These are media-created and driven narratives.  Even though there are tens of thousands of hours of video posted all over the internet of violent riots and looting all throughout the summer of 2020, the media and Democrats will look a camera in the eye today and deny that was the case.

But a few hundred morons who decided they were going to re-enact the Storming of the Bastille as an exercise in LARP’ing, the media narrative has become that the actual event played out as a D-Day-like attack by the forces of QAnon on the Government of the United States.

If you want a humorous — in and outrageous way — look at the way the left-wing narrative has been constructed and pursued, both in the media and in the Courts — read this great article by my colleague Streiff here at RedState.

When I was a federal prosecutor, I would have hidden in my office from embarrassment if I had been allowed myself to get sucked into a complete fabrication of events as is revealed in the defense paperwork filed in some of the prosecutions that are happening with regard to participants in the Jan. 6 protests.

In one episode cataloged in Streiff’s story, there are communications between members of an organized “militia” called the “Oathkeepers”.  The group’s name stems from the fact that many members are current or former military or law enforcement, and all took an oath to support and defend the Constitution.  One of the charging documents related to members of the “Oathkeeper” group who have been charged refers to the fact that they employed hand signals and coded language to communicate and coordinate their activities on Jan. 6.  Particular attention was given to references in communications — on that secret right-wing backchannel called “Facebook” — to the presence of a “QRF”, or “quick reaction force” held in reserve.

As the defense responses to this ridiculous narrative explained, the reference to a “QRF” — made clear by other “secret” Facebook messages — related to one fat guy in his 60’s, in bad health, who parked the group’s bus a couple of miles away while the rest went to the march. The messages were to communicate that the old fat bus driver had secured rooms at a local hotel on Glebe Road in nearby Arlington, Virginia, and to coordinate the time and location for him to pick the group up after the protest so they would not have to walk all the way to the bus.

Blue Anon should now be attached to all reporting on about the “QRF” for the Oathkeepers at the January 6 protest.

Let’s get this term used in circulation.

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