Cuomo's Accusers Are Part of a Plot to Elect a GOP Governor in New York -- To Pardon Donald Trump. Says So on Twitter

The sheer idiocy is just stupifying.

But a long thread of Tweets started with just such a suggestion:


Chip Franklin is a radio talk show host in San Francisco, and he has 200,000 followers on Twitter.  He’s got a front-row seat to the recall effort being waged against Dem. Governor Gavin Newsom in California.

So this Tweet got some attention, and the responses to it are the ultimate in “rabbit hole” experiences.  They don’t require much commentary, so I’m sparse with my remarks down below. But you might want to guard your computer screen.

Whaaa???  Hope you took my advice.


She’s speaking about the same Attorney General who revealed to the world that Cuomo’s Office had been lying to the Legislature and the public about the fact that Cuomo’s nursing home policy killed 15,000 elderly who did NOT have COVID until Cuomo ordered that COVID positive nursing home residents be forced back into their facilities.

Cuomo wanted anyone BUT Letitia James to conduct an “independent” investigation — he wanted the law partner of his former key aide to whitewash investigate the allegations.

Trump, Giuliani, Stone, and Murdoch.  Seriously.  This person should charge them rent for living in her head.


CNN and MSNBC too!!!!

This Tweet has over 7500 RTs and thousands of replies.

I’ve done my duty.  You know where to find it if you are brave enough.




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