Update 2 -- Who are the Top 16 Most Obnoxious and Odious Entertainment Celebrities Based on their Advocacy of Liberal Causes?

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Calling all RedState Deplorables.

I’m asking for your help in assembling a list of the Top 16 most obnoxiously liberal figures in the entertainment industry in 2020.


This effort is being prompted by the commentary of Ricky Gervais at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, likely the last time he’ll be invited to serve as host of that “auspicious” affair.

Here is the video montage from YouTube of his greatest moments during the evening.  If it doesn’t start in the right spot, go to the 7:00 minute mark for the relevant commentary.

Clearly, most entertainment celebrities in Los Angeles, New York, and elsewhere around the world didn’t take Gervais’ advice.  They insisted on bombarding the public through the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 Presidential election season with their banal, and usually moronic, input and advice on how normal everyday Americans should go about living their lives and choosing their elected leaders.

So, to create a retrospective on 2020 with this one little “slice of life”, help me assemble a list of the Top 16 most obnoxiously liberal celebrity idiots.

A few ground rules (just making these up here as I type):

We are only considering entertainment industry celebrities.  If all goes well, we might make another effort to create a similar list of news/media “celebrities”.

“Entertainment” does not include sports — again, that’s a list for another day.

Inclusion and ranking on the list will be based on a metric that considers just how famous the individual is, combined with the level of outrageous shilling for liberal causes or condescension to normal average Americans.


Bonus points for hypocrisy are available if caught in a “Do as I say, not as I do” moment.

Bonus points are possible for a blatant lack of self-awareness in handing out worthless advice or thoughtless commentary.

Bonus points are available for open and transparent instances of unmistakable moronic level thinking for comments that no thoughtful person would ever let pass through their lips if they had two brain cells to rub together.

I’m going to provide four candidates of my own to start.  None are assured of making it to the Final 16.  I invite readers to offer candidates in the comments and I’ll include them in the list if, after due consideration, I deem them to be better than someone already on the list.

Once the list is final, I will rank them in order from 1 to 16 as their “seeding” into a single-elimination tournament format similar to that used in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and then there will be a series of polls on Twitter matching the members of the list in head-to-head contests for most repellent until we get to the Finals for the title of “Biggest Liberal Celebrity Idiot of 2021.”

Post your candidates in the Comments below.  If you post them only on Twitter you’re gambling that I’ll actually read all the Twitter Replies.

As part of your comment make sure you give me one or more examples — very briefly explained — of the public idiotic behavior or comments by your candidate.


As was the case with the Fulton County Board of Elections, I reserve the right to adjust the final scores of the candidates to whatever I think necessary to assure a Top 16 list that makes me happy.

I’ll update this story periodically to expand or modify the list until we have 16 worthy candidates for our Tournament.  The list will be final at midnight West Coast time on December 31.

Ok — in thinking this through a bit more, I think there are only going to be 14 spots.

In no imaginable universe that I can conceive of do Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar not make a Top 16 list.  They are both “Five Tool” players in this game.

But I might have to DQ Alyssa Milano.  Having her in the field would be like having Shaq show up to play in a Pygmy Basketball League.  For now we’ll leave her eligible, and just wait to see how the field shakes out.

So, I’m going to put the following four on the list to start — ranked order is not meaningful at this point.

Nominations are open.


The list is “evolving” as well as expanding based on reader input.  Still not quite up to 16 — hopefully we’ll be there by mid-afternoon on the 31st so there can be final comments about who’s “in” and who’s “out.”

For now, here is the current iteration of what seems to be a consensus up to No. 12.

  1. The Collective View —  No one should be left out — “Idiocy by Ensemble”
  2.  Alec Baldwin — Lifetime award
  3. Alyssa Milano — lecturing on pandemic control measures while wearing a crocheted COVID-19 mask
  4. Robert DeNiro — A-List celebrity, clearly belongs
  5. Rob Reiner
  6. Taylor Swift — or Katy Perry (I get them confused).
  7. KimmeMeyeColbeChelBeeFallMayer
  8. Leo DiCaprio — no bigger “Climate Change” hypocrite in Hollywood.
  9. Prince Markel
  10. Mark Ruffalo (Who? — The Hulk you moron).
  11. Barbara Streisand – Nat. Enq. says she’s getting a divorce, so she could probably use a place on the list to lift her spirits.
  12. Chrissy Legend — weak entry at this point, but I fear the diversity police if I don’t have at least one BIPOC idiot entry.

Frankly, I think we can do better than this.   Too many “B” level celebrities still. Over 61K followers now on Twitter, so there have got to be some more names that everyone can come up with.

Take a minute and put forth a worthy candidate no already on the list in the comments below.





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