Portland Riots Return After a Night off: Back Into Downtown Portland (but Not the Federal Building)

AP Photo/Paula Bronstein


Funny how the Portland rioters no longer have any interest in the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland.  For most of June and July, it was the focal point of their attention.  Since the Oregon State Police were cross-deputized as Deputy US Marshals, and the US Attorney reached triple figures in felonies charged in federal court, the rioters seem to avoid unnecessary federal involvement.  It’s almost like they don’t believe in their cause enough to go to jail.  I’m starting to question whether their heart is really in it.

But on Tuesday night, the rioters did return to downtown Portland.  The Oregon State Police and the Portland Police Bureau (not “Department”) were there to greet them with a warm embrace.

Sometimes it looks like the PD are just amusing themselves to break the monotony of watching and listening to the morons night after night.

But it might just be a “lulling” action meant to make the rioters complacent for when the real action starts.

If you want to see a slightly different approach, check back on the home page for my next story on protests in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.