It's Not Funny Anymore

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

During the election last year, a lot of jokes were made about Joe Biden’s ability to execute the job as President of the United States. We watched embarrassing videos of Biden getting lost in the middle of speeches, and we remember when “lids” were called on the campaign in the final days of the campaign. ‘Basement Biden’ became the go-to name for the then-Future President, and it seemed that the Democrats were about to lose against one of the most hated men in America.

While Trump was no conservative (let’s be honest, he isn’t), his policies ushered in a period of prosperity which this country has never before seen. While liberals would like to have taken credit for this, they had previously called Trump’s economic agenda “impossible.” Meanwhile, the MSM and militant left ran on stories about Trump’s choices of food, they opined about Trump’s medical condition, and even had psychologists weigh in on his mental capacity. Meanwhile, while Biden was incapable of answering questions, the MSM ignored glaring issues with Biden’s capability to be president.

Certainly, Biden’s total lack of ability to be president was never funny, but we certainly did chuckle about it for a long time. We jokingly pointed out the MSM’s fascination with Biden’s favorite flavor of ice cream, and we cackled at the fact that Biden had the energy of a sloth. We all thought it was funny that the MSM called Trump a racist while ignoring Biden’s comments about “racial jungles” — and the fact that he was a co-author of a bill that has sent more young black men to confinement in the US than did all the slave ships from Africa.

We laughed at videos of Biden talking about his leg hair and giggled uncomfortably at Biden’s creepily close contact with women, often appearing to sniff them. We laughed as he stumbled through quoting the Pledge of Allegiance and laughed with confusion as Joe Biden bit his wife’s fingers during a campaign stop.

We all laughed because it was ridiculous that this man was even in contention for being the President of the United States. We realized that despite Trump’s list of issues and our acceptance of his flaws in exchange for a bit of entertainment, Biden was so laughably incompetent that there’s no way he could be elected, was there?

Yet that became the terrible truth, as Biden was elected by a mere 43,000 vote margin (11,000 votes in Arizona, 12,000 votes in Georgia, and 20,000 votes in Wisconsin), a much smaller margin than Trump won by in 2016. Biden’s inauguration was clouded by the idiotic riot at the Capitol on January 6th, and the presence of more military personnel in the Capitol than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

In the  seven months since Biden’s inauguration, Biden’s behavior has become less and less a joke and more and more a terrifying and disturbing reality.  What was once the punchline of a joke is a sobering truth — that there is something very, very wrong with our president.

The standards which the media set during the Trump Administration have vanished. No longer are we talking about the president allowing for his influence to be used to enrich his family, as the media is completely disinterested in the fact that the son of the president is a crack-smoking national security risk. No longer are we talking about the erratic nature of the president’s behavior or engaging in conjecture regarding the president’s capability of being president.

When Biden went to meet with the families of the 13 American Service Members killed in Afghanistan, instead of acknowledging his role in creating the circumstances that led to their deaths, Biden stood there and reminisced about his son Beau.

While conservatives joke “at least there’s no mean tweets,” the media ignores Biden’s clear inability to lead, as evidenced by Biden’s latest media appearances. The man has been habitually hours-late to his own press conferences and unwilling to answer any “unapproved” questions. He reads notes he shouldn’t, shuffles through papers like he’s lost, and does nothing but points the finger of blame at everyone but himself. The same behavior that would have sent the MSM into a tailspin of panic in the Trump Presidency has been replaced by a disturbing complacency.

It isn’t funny anymore.  It is completely and utterly terrifying. The party that prides itself as the bastion of the youth and rails against the old, white patriarchy, has now given us the oldest and whitest president this country has ever seen (in second place was a guy who was older and whiter).

Deep down, they know just how totally inept Biden is, but they would rather continue this charade that somehow, this total and complete chaos, is somehow better than Trump.  What is even more insane about this chaos is that the alternative to Biden is Harris, who amazingly is even less qualified to be president than the current White House occupant.

The jokes are over. This is the safety and stability of our country we are talking about here. This is 20 years of American treasure and blood that was wasted in a matter of a few days. This is the world’s greatest economy, which is being sacrificed at the altar of the failed policies of progressives. This is the very American experiment that hundreds of thousands of people have sacrificed their lives to preserve over the course of the last nearly 250 years.

If Trump was really this existential threat the left wanted us to believe he was, replacing him with this incompetent fool doesn’t go a long way to convince us of that.


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