The Left's Response to Joe Biden Creeping on a Young Girl Reeks of Desperation

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You’ll rarely hear them admit it, but many on the left regret electing Joe Biden. That doesn’t mean they would have rather had a Republican in the presidency, but it does mean that Biden was a compromise that is continuing to bite them in the rear.


Yesterday, that happened again after the current president decided it’d be a good idea to essentially hit on a girl that couldn’t have been any more than 6 or 7 years old. RedState reported on the incident when it happened.

Here’s the video.

There are pictures of the girl online — which I’ll forgo — because it doesn’t really add anything to the story to plaster her face everywhere. But suffice it to say, Biden’s comment about looking her 19 and her crossing her legs was not only maximum cringe, but it pegged up the creepy meters. That is not the kind of thing you say to a young girl, much less when you are president and giving a speech at a Memorial Day ceremony.

But because everything is stupid, instead of condemning Biden, the left desperately scraped for a distraction and they found in by trending #CreepyTrump. At one point, over 20,000 tweets were using the hashtag. You know, because Trump has a history of sniffing young girls’ hair and commenting on their looks…oh wait, no, he doesn’t.


They’ve got nothing. The left are saddled with a dementia-ridden old man who can’t stop hitting on pre-pubescent girls — and that makes them very angry. Because they can’t simply admit they made a mistake; they deflect by talking about the bad orange man. It’s so transparent, but it does not change the facts on the ground.

Biden is not well, and if Trump had made a comment like that toward a young girl, it would have headlined CNN for a week. Biden gets a pass because of his political party, but he shouldn’t get a pass from honest people who see this for what it is. I don’t know if this guy is a predator or if it’s just the fact that his senility is showing through — but what I do know is that this is not normal.


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