Why Is Joe Biden Always Late for Speaking to the American People?

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We have been told that Joe Biden is the most experienced person to ever hold the office of the President of the United States. The people that say that also believe that Hugo Chavez and Che Guevara were also really good people and just a bit misunderstood.


So here we are, entering the eighth month of the Biden presidency, and it seems that in the last couple of months, a troubling trend has occurred. The president can’t seem to make an announced time to speak that his staff has given for him to talk.

I have a curious mind so when his speech today on Afghanistan was pushed back, I began to wonder why this is a thing. While I noticed the tardiness of POTUS on a number of other occasions, with the debacle of the Biden-led withdrawal of Afghanistan, it has gotten to a point that is either comical or worrisome — and I’m having trouble deciding which.

Why is the most experienced person ever to take a nap in the Oval Office not able to make a called event within ten minutes of an announced time?

On August 24th, according to Business Insider, Biden was announced to speak at noon EDT to give the American people an update.

President Biden’s remarks on Afghanistan were pushed back a second time Tuesday afternoon until 4:30 p.m. ET, more than a four-hour delay from the original 12 p.m. E.T. start time.

Biden will discuss the US’ “ongoing efforts in Afghanistan to evacuate American citizens, SIV [Special Immigrants Visa] applicants and their families, and other vulnerable Afghans, and his meeting with fellow G7 leaders on how our nations can come together in support of the Afghan people,” the White House said.


Actually, they didn’t get rolling until 5 pm, but we are sure he was busy getting a briefing.

The previous Friday, on August 20th, Biden was about an hour late to make a statement according to Fox News

On Friday, Biden was nearly an hour late to give remarks further defending his Afghanistan withdrawal.

Then today, The Prez was supposed to speak to the unwashed masses about how great this operation went, and originally it was set for 1:30 pm

Then was pushed back until 2:45, and then everyone was given a pager and told they would be alerted when Joe was “ready” to face the cameras, and not take any questions.

I know I can hear those people that are screaming that ALL PRESIDENTS are late. That is true, but I would add two caveats. Not this often, and not this late.


There is always something that can delay a president from meeting a deadline of any kind. Yet, this White House is putting on a show of how to keep the press waiting around, while Joe has one last bite of that ice cream they gave him, being he ate all his veggies. At least we can be pretty sure he is not being delayed like President Clinton was alleged that one time, while Yassar Arafat was waiting in the Rose Garden, being Dr. Jill would not be allowing any of that nonsense.

So, what is the real reason that Joe is becoming tardier and tardier?

The easy answer is that Joe is obviously slipping.

Yet, for those of us that have watched politics on a national level for years know about Joe Biden and his Tourette’s-like outbursts of anger, and making outrageous statements, is par the course. Adding that all of a sudden he is late more often because he has all the responsibilities of being president, and I guess it is plausible.

Yet, I think it is more than that.

I know the popular theory is that he is suffering from dementia, and they are prepping him for hours beforehand. I know people who have that dreaded disease, and I sure as hell would like to know how they get someone with that condition to function enough to answer questions badly by the mostly toothless White House Press Corps. Also if that were the case, there are a bunch of people that would be covering that up and will need to go to jail for covering that up.


Probably most everyone in the West Wing, and that type of scandal would make Watergate look like a church picnic.

I’m just going to punt for now and say that maybe Joe is hanging with his baby boy Hunter, and they are playing video games, and they can never time the end of the game with starting the press event on time.

We have all been there, I bet.


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