NRA Steps Up To Save Christmas For Four-Year-Old Bad Santa Victim

As a boy-dad, I can tell you just how much Nerf guns mean to my son.  He spends a great deal of time researching his next gun on YouTube and saves the money that he earns and receives from his grandparents, to buy his next gun.  Nerf has even gone as far as to make several guns modeled after the guns in Fortnite, another of my son’s total addictions.


Last week, when I saw the news out of Illinois, of some jackwagon-lib mall Santa, telling a poor 4-year-old boy that he couldn’t have a Nerf gun for Christmas.  Since the a-hole Santa went viral, numerous people have come forward including Steven Crowder, who hilariously dressed up as 2A Santa, dishing out a brutal slam of the commie mall Santa who created this problem in the first place.

Even the mall where this occurred realized just how badly their idiot Santa had screwed things up, having a new Santa show up for the young man to share with him some Christmas joy.

Now, The NRA has come to the table too, providing young Michael a Christmas he will never forget:


It turns out that Michael’s father is a law enforcement officer, firearms instructor, and lifetime member of the NRA.  Michael now has a lifetime of Christmas memories due to the generosity and care that the community around him, has for him and his family.  What has occurred is exactly what the Christmas season is about.  It is about taking adversity and anger and hatred and using those things as a means to turn around and do good and bring good, to the world.  Think of all the outraged people.  Now those people have done good for this kid, turning that anger into some of the best good we have seen in a long time.  Heartwarming doesn’t even begin to describe it.



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