Steven Crowder Hilariously Plays Santa for Child Who Was Denied a NERF Gun by Leftist Mall Santa

Conservative podcast host Steven Crowder watched, as we all did, a leftist mall Santa deny a child a NERF gun and felt horrible for the child as he subsequently broke down in tears.


Angry like we all were, Crowder formulated a brilliant idea to do what that man playing Santa in the mall refused to do and play the role properly and even made him feel better with what might be one of the most hilarious segments I’ve ever seen for the child.

Calling in on a Zoom for his show, Crowder spoke to the child whose name is Michael.

“What was it that you asked that unqualified helper for at the mall?” said Crowder donning the voice and costume of Santa Claus.

The child answered with the request he gave the mall Santa, a NERF gun. Crowder responded with a hearty “Ho Ho Ho” and assured the kid that the gun was a great idea.

“Well, that sounds like a wonderful gift! A wonderful toy!” said Santa Crowder. “And that man told you no?”

“Well, let me tell you, that’s not the real Santa,” assured Crowder. “He’s what your parents will teach you about when you’re older. He’s what we call a communist. We had to get rid of them at the North Pole!”

Santa Crowder told Michael that Santa himself uses firearms and always encouraged firearm safety. According to Santa Crowder, the North Pole is rife with things that could hurt his reindeer.


“So Santa, old St. Nick, packs a heater!” said Santa Crowder.

This little segment to redeem Santa and this child’s faith in the world came after Crowder interviewed the parents who were clearly angry about the interaction their child had with the leftist Santa at the mall.

The child in question is only four years old and his parents did what they could to salvage the damage that mall Santa had done to the child by assuring him that mall Santa’s were just Santa’s helpers. They then proceeded to buy him a few gifts to try to ease it over.

The parents gave Crowder some insider information so that he could fully play the role of an all-knowing Santa Claus to further bring back the magic for the child. What unfolds is the sweet and hilarious moment you see above.

A big hats off to Crowder for pulling this off and bringing this child’s Christmas spirit back up to par.



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