Rubio Pushes Back on Trump's 'Sh**hole Countries' Comment, Advocates for Merit-Based Immigration

In response to recent discussions about immigration, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) posted several tweets tonight advocating for a merit-based immigration system, instead of one based on family connections or country of origin diversity.


The tweets were also a pushback on President Donald Trump’s comments today during an immigration meeting with Congressional leaders, in which he reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African counties as being “sh**hole countries,” and questioned why we allowed so many immigrants from those places.

As Rubio noted, Florida has many immigrants from Haiti and El Salvador, “troubled nations” where the people have “suffered as a result of bad leaders, rampant crime & natural disasters.” However, when they come to America, they “contribute to our economy through hard work & entrepreneurship,” and have served in our armed forces, some even tragically giving their lives for our country.

Today’s “skills based economy,” in Rubio’s opinion, meant that the solution is to move to a merit-based immigration system, to evaluate immigrants individually on who they are, instead of one based on family connections or country of origin.


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