WATCH: Roy Moore Spokesman's Completely Bonkers Interview with Jake Tapper

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been known to say some nutty stuff himself, so it makes perfect sense that his spokesman would be capable of uttering some real doozies too.


And that’s just what happened today, when Moore’s spokesman Ted Crockett gave an absolutely bonkers interview to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Among the highlights:

  • Crockett repeatedly telling Tapper, “You don’t understand” in response to Tapper telling him the Bible wasn’t the same as the law;
  • When Crockett was asked if Moore thought that homosexuality should be illegal, he answered “probably;”
  • Crockett saying that the problem is that “too many people are winging it up there” in Washington, D.C., “fooling with women they shouldn’t be fooling with.”
  • Crockett insisting that Muslims can’t hold elected office because you have to “swear on a Christian Bible,” and then giving a deer-in-headlights stare for several seconds when Tapper tells him that’s not true. “That is not the law,” said Tapper.

Tapper’s reactions were humorously incredulous, as many people on Twitter noticed.

We feel ya, Jake.

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