Trump: Women Have It Easier Than Men but I Totally Respect Them (VIDEO)

Donald Trump was out boasting his super obvious respect for women at a rally in Spokane, Washington on Saturday.

First, he asserted that women have it easier than men, which you can watch in the clip below:

“I mean all of the men, we’re petrified to speak to women anymore.  We may raise our voice.  You know what, the women get it better than we do, folks.  Alright.  They get it better than we do.”

The Washington Examiner reported on the rest of his statement:

“In a return to his refrain that ‘there is nobody that has more respect for women than me,’ Trump added that ‘there is nobody, or certainly very few, that have promoted women within my big company than I have.’

Mentioning that he probably should not being saying this, the billionaire businessman said he has gone as far as paying women working for him more than men doing comparable jobs.

‘I have women that make more money than men doing a comparable job, men am I okay saying that? And they’re fantastic,’ Trump said.”

He might as well just say, “Men, can you BELIEVE I pay these chicks MORE for doing a comparable job? I know, RIGHT?”


Look, I’m about as far from being a feminist as one can get.  But Trump can’t propose that women actually have it easier than men and then claim to respect women, because in proposing that women have it easier than men, he is already discounting them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not purporting the opposite is true- that men have it better than women.  For the most part, we are on a pretty level playing field.  But let’s put it this way: when gender discrimination does in fact occur, it isn’t usually against men.

Anyway, every time Trump talks about women, I am reminded that our Republican nominee is basically the American version of Borat.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Something tells me he isn’t bringing his numbers up with women any time soon.



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