Former Cruz Staffer Categorically Denies Rumors of Affair (VIDEO)

Jake Tapper was on fire Monday afternoon on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper.”

He interviewed Amanda Carpenter, CNN contributor and former Cruz staffer, whose name has been dragged through the mud the last few days when she was rumored to be one of Ted Cruz’s “secret mistresses,” even though there is not only ZERO evidence that Carpenter ever had an inappropriate relationship with Cruz, but also NO evidence whatsoever that ANY of the rumors are credible.


Even in the face of these disgusting smears, Carpenter handles it with grace, integrity, and class.  She has not once stooped as low as Trump or his campaign.  And she is resolute in her answer.

After Tapper’s interview with Carpenter, he had Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a senior advisor for the Trump campaign, join him to discuss why the Trump campaign has been spreading these smears and false allegations.   Sanders did her best to carefully dodge the questions, but Tapper was having none of it.  Watch her unsuccessful dancing act below.

The differences in these two interviews are clear as day.  Carpenter is straightforward, genuine, and answers questions directly.  All Sanders does is avoid answering and attempt to drag the Cruz camp down with her.  Is there anyone involved in the Trump campaign who isn’t just a downright dishonest person?


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