Mailbag – You’re Gonna Have to Ban Me Edition…

Mail Call!
Mail Call!

Oh dear, dear me! I just threw up a 10 minute post about the IRS and have made an impact on another person’s cyberlife. It seems I’ve raised the temperature of one of God’s unique and beautiful snowflakes on Twitter.


samboa‏@samboa23m23 minutes ago
@RedState Lord knows the GOP isn’t there 2 help the ppl who elect them w/anything . #roadblock them 2 achieving any kind of Goals! #VoteDem

This brings me to a mathematical conundrum. Twitter famously limits the number of characters that you can use to express your deep thoughts. If the length of a Tweet is limited, how can its stupidity approach an asymptote that goes to infinity? There should be a limiting factor. [mc_name name=’Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’G000359′ ] and Hillary Clinton can both drone on like busted engine blocks; your favorite Twitter artists – not so much.

This tweet assumes a lot of facts that simply are not in evidence. This assumes a political party is supposed to exist to insert government into people’s lives when they need help with things. Predictably, this assumption leads more and more people to need “help” with more and more things. This continues until people who handle their own feke and don’t drop their problems in another person’s laps get taxed into penury. Pardon me if I’d rather call someone a little more competent than Huey “The Kingfish” Biden the next time I have a really serious problem to fix.


And how does supporting a party that purportedly seeks to limit the scope of government block people’s goals. What sort of ambition does that thwart, exactly? Tyranny? Mandatory socialist confiscation?

So if you are too corrupt or too stupid to achieve world domination via your own relative merits you should totally #VoteDEM. Or, as Joe Biden would put it, you can have lots of own goals. People like Samboa make me wonder why there isn’t a blood pressure cuff next to every polling station just to make sure the people walking in to pull the lever have at least a physical if not a mental pulse.


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