Scandals, Evidence And The Reverend Al Sharpton


It would appear Al Sharpton has turned over a new fig leaf these days. He now wants people who accuse others of wrongdoing to actually provide evidence. He now worries about the precedents that get set by false accusations. He hypocritically opines below.


“The precedent that it would set for them to just bully an Attorney General out of office when there is no evidence at all that would lead to connecting him to any of these so-called scandals, I think that would take a long time for the American public to be able to overcome if we could just start bullying the top law enforcement person out of office when he’s not connected to any of these things,” Sharpton said.

(HT: Free Beacon)

The Reverend Al Sharpton held no such concerns over evidence when he accused New York City Prosecutor Steven Pagones of raping an African American teenager and writing obscenities on her unconscious body. He also had no such scruples over his demands that “White Interlopers” be chased out of certain parts of New York City. He claimed to have regretted having said such a thing, but the eight people who died in Freddie’s Fashion Mart in the violence inspired by Sharpton’s preaching will not be getting back up and doing The Tennessee Waltz.

At the funeral of Gavin Cato he complained about all the “Diamond Merchants” and the “Apartheid Ambulance Service” in Crown Heights, New York. He didn’t seem to be much in the mode for evidence gathering then either. Nor did he take any sufficient responsibility for The Crown Heights Riot. that occurred soon after his words.


But now Reverend Al worries about these things. It’s like he’s met a new buddy in Jesus who once said something along the lines of “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” It’s touching to see Reverend Al mellow out. Perhaps it’s just catty to comment on the convenience of the timing.

Hypocrisy is said to be the bow that vice takes in the direction of virtue. That would be one of the first bows the Reverend Al Sharpton has taken to anything other than the false idols of fame and power which have previously inspired him to irresponsible and lethal demagoguery. I could accuse Sharpton of adopting these principles out of political practicality. However, it would be in truly bad taste to accuse him of having any principles at all without the necessary supporting evidence.


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