The Boston Boneheads II – Things That Make Me Lose Faith In Most of Humanity

The False Flag At The Boston Terror Bombing
The False Flag At The Boston Terror Bombing

Good morning, @davidaxelrod. Could you tell us some more about your “tax day” theory? #BostonMarathon #Watertown
— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) April 19, 2013


(Ht: Daily Caller)

I wasn’t quite sure how I’d go about taking NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston’s advice and celebrate Hitler’s Birthday this year. I thought about baking cupcakes and holding a polka-dance. It’s suitably outdated for a humble right-wing reactionary like moi’ – but somehow it just wouldn’t work. And then a funny thing happened on the way to the media-circus.

It seems David Sirota should be jubilant this morning. He wanted and I mean really wanted the Boston Marathon Bombers to be Caucasian – and boy did he get his wish!* They’re from Chechnya even, and boy are they into that old-time religion. Oh, wait…wrong one as you can see in the film below.

There is the down side. These guys come from abroad, and according to Sirota, we should all be whipped up into an e-vil, xenophobic latte froth by now. And it gets even worse. Chechnya is in Russia. We are now compelled to fly our bombers through the airspace and discharge tons of ordnance over the only country in the world with a much bigger nuclear arsenal than we have. I hope you guys are stocking up on MREs and Bitcoins.


Now in fairness to the evil, debased, detestable, “progressive” Left who hoped to use the death of an 8-Year Old boy at the Boston Marathon finish line to smear all Americans who disagree with their agenda, they are not the only rectal orifices to use this tragedy for iniquitous purposes. I’ve heard the term “False-Flag” far more often in conjunction with this tragedy than anyone with a sane mind would want to. I’ve worked for Sam’s Gubbermint the last decade. We suck. I admit it. On my bad days, I’m a part of that suck.

But for the creepy Prawn Paul acolytes out there demanding to know “Where’s The Blood?”…** What excuse do you have now? Where do you detestable creeps get off dishonoring decent Conservatism and thoughtful Reactionaries with your insane paranoia? What is your pathetic excuse?

You wanna see what false flag was involved in this operation? Here ya go! FBI entrapment anyone?

I’ve been on a blue tear lately and I’ll admit the tone of my blogging has been neither measured nor respectful. But between Kermit Gosnell and the ignorant gutter rats who have attempted to generate political Bitcoins off an eight year old boy being blown up at the Boston Marathon?


Where is our nation going? How did we get this sick? There are so many evil and detestable human beings in America in Anno Domine 2013***. I read the coverage of this tragic event. I see so much that is wrong. So much that is deliberate and mendacious premature ejacuspeculation. I fear that this particular event is significantly damaging my faith in the decency of man. Say a prayer on my behalf. I humbly admit that I need it.

*-With the beautiful Caucasus Mountains in the background even!
**- Pardon me while I lose my (*^&%) for a second: (*&&*(^*%$-^%$##$#-*^&&*^&*^&%^!) and furthermore (&*^&%^%^%$%$!!!)
***-Yeah, I know. That’s 2013 CE for all you “Progressives” and “Alternative Right” Atheists.


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