Romney's Racism of Saying the Obvious

If you believe the propaganda our major networks label as news Mitt Romney personifies the Big, Bad White Devil. He denigrates the achievements of diverse foreign cultures. He picks the scabs off of centuries old grievances over racial injustice just because he gets off on making it bleed. So how does Mitt Romney work such horrible and iniquitous injustice? He egregiously tells the truth. Here he goes below.


The cultural difference between Israel and its Arab neighbors is so striking that you would think it beyond question. But when Mitt Romney attributed the gap between Israel’s economic performance and the Palestinians’ — “Culture makes all the difference,” he said in Israel — the roof came down on him. PC police the world over raised a red card, giving him demerits for having the temerity to notice the obvious. Predictably, Saeb Erekat, chief Palestinian negotiator and a member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, denounced the statement as “racist.” It was, of course, just the opposite.

(HT:Richard Cohen)

Now some will say Cohen is just a part of the Vast White Wing Conspiracy. That is until they are reminded of the lovely editorial that he wrote comparing Sarah Palin to Caligula’s horse. Richard Cohen would like to see Mitt Romney go die in a bonfire. He just set aside his personal malice because what Mitt Romney said was undeniably true.

Mitt Romney simply identified the obvious. It’s truth is proven abundantly and even tacitly acknowledged by people who live in modern Muslim cultures. The birth rate in Islamic cultures drops below replacement as soon as the vast majority of women learn how to read. Recent demographic trends bear this out.


“In most of the Islamic world it’s amazing, the decline in fertility that has happened,” Hania Zlotnik, head of the United Nations’ population research branch, told the New York Times in 2009. [2] As early as 2008, a study by the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis concluded, “A first analysis of the Iran 2006 census results shows a sensationally low fertility level of 1.9 for the whole country and only 1.5 for the Tehran area (which has about 8 million people) … A decline in the TFR [total fertility rate] of more than 5.0 in roughly two decades is a world record in fertility decline.”

(HT: David Goldman)

Here is a graph of what happens to the Islamic world as a whole when female literacy expands.

Population Growth Vs. Literacy In Islamic Countries

So what makes people reticent to have children in these cultures? Some argue that modernity destroys religious and cultural norms and thereby renders the existence of the average person pointless. Who would bring a child into the sort of vulgar world envisioned by Lady Gaga or the Marquis de Sade? This point has some merit, but doesn’t completely justify such an implicit act of self-hatred. Many Western Societies such as Spain and Italy also have low birth-rates. Thus, the death of the traditional Muslim faith and tradition at the hands of basic literacy is not a complete explanation for dropping birth rates.


Cohen’s editorial suggests a powerful Materialist explanation as to why The Palestinians are literally a century behind Israel in social and economic development. They Muslim world simply produces no legitimate science or engineering.

In his new book, “The Future of the Jews,” Stuart E. Eizenstat provides an example: “Between 1980 and 2000, 7,652 patents were registered by Israelis in the United States.” The figure for the entire Arab world? 367.

Another statistical claim states that Spain publishes more scientific papers annually than all the nations claiming Islam as an official religion have published since The French Revolution. If that would get fewer than two Pinocchios from a Washington Post fact check, then the Islamic World is dealing with something akin to what Hispanic Culture had to compete with after the writings on De Las Casas were morphed into “The Black Legend.”

The true proof of what Romney was saying can be seen by looking at the fortunes of people from the Middle East who enter Western Society. Mohamed El-Erian is one among many examples that puts lie to the argument that Mitt Romney’s statement was a racist commentary against Arabic peoples. When people from The Middle East are given the opportunities not available in most Islamic Cultures, they perform as well as their non-Islamic counterparts.


Pointing out the weaknesses of a failing culture is not identical to making a racist attack on the people who suffer under that particular failed culture. Of course nobody in our modern, PC era wants to admit this truth. The lazy way out is to behead Mitt Romney for delivering controversial truth. Romney may have politically erred by saying what he said so bluntly, but only because he gave his audience more credit than they perhaps deserved. We live in a sad and pathetic age if telling the obvious truth to the public gets you branded as a racist.


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