The Boy Who Declared Victory

Matt Drudge has done yeoman’s work in presenting an interesting analysis of our nation’s ongoing “Days Not Weeks War” with Libya. This conflict nears the ½ year mark of continued pointless ineptitude. NATO persecutes this war with the efficiency and diligence with which Harry Reid drives the US Senate towards the passage of a Senate version of the Federal Budget. President Obama continues to lead from behind like Brave Sir Robin of Monty Python fame. Below are a series of quotes where Barack Obama’s various toadies play the role of Mouth of Sauron and declare impending victory.


August 16th, 2011.

“I think the sense is that Gaddafi’s days are numbered,” the new US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, said in Washington.

The UK Telegraph

May 11th, 2011

We believe that NATO is fully capable and is proving itself fully capable of fulfilling the mandate of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, and believe that, as we’ve said in the past, if that mission is successfully accomplished in protecting civilians, enforcing an arms embargo, enforcing a no-fly zone, and the other measures that are being taken — the non-military measures that have been taken by the United States and the international community continue to have an impact, that Muammar Qaddafi’s days are numbered.

– Jay Carney (

March 30, 2011

With regard to the start of your question, we are very confident that the coalition that we are part of, that is responsible for both enforcing the no-fly zone and protecting Libyan civilians, will be capable of succeeding in its mission and pushing back Colonel Qaddafi’s forces.


– Jay Carney (

Absent any bad luck, this whole thing should wrap up in minutes; not hours.



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