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“Thanks @BarackObama for pushing @RoyBlunt over 11,000 followers today!” tweeted Amber Marchand, communications director for Sen. Roy Blunt, (R-Mo.).


(HT: New York Post)

So much for the old canard that the Dems own cyberspace. The Dear Leader took to his Twitter Account to generate pressure on members of the GOP Senatorial and Congressional caucuses that he viewed as easy marks. People like Senator Lisa M-U-R-K-O-W-S-K-I, who most logical observers consider a de-facto Leftist, were to be deluged with tweets urging her to “compromise”. (See also, fold, capitulate, cough up the ball, bravely run away, et al.)

Instead, the President got yet another informal measure of just how unable he is to further Barack the Vote. 37,000 users quit his twitter feed. Had it been Facebook instead, they wouldn’t have remained Barack Obama’s friends.

This demonstrates the fact that his all talk, no leadership style is bothering more and more Americans. Mein Obama’s White House propaganda korps has increasingly become like a bucket-shop brokerage that bugs the struggling middle-class family during the dinner hour with some bunko investment scheme. People ignore him at first and then, as he increasingly nags them, they take the necessary steps to forcibly tune out his atonal, condescending drone.


It may well be that the activist Left knows the Internet Tubes better than we do. Any educated person younger than the age of thirty vastly understands these things better than I. However, modern media is very similar to the traditional means of communication in a very important manner. Both the messenger and the content still matter.

Effective communicators ignite the soul. They either tell sterling truths, or they bowdlerize it skillfully and indulge in what Joseph Goebbels termed “The Big Lie.” But The Progressive Left has nothing legitimate left to offer. They no longer can even scare people. They just bug the crap out of tired, frustrated people during dinner. The redeeming thing about Obama’s use of Twitter is the 140 character limit. When you expound upon the contents of an utterly empty soul, it’s best to keep it pithy.


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