Racism? All Koreans Look the Same Apparently…To Koreans

 (AP Photo/Eric Talmadge)

I know we found out several years ago that in America we’re fine with someone losing their livelihood as a rodeo clown over wearing a mask of Barack Obama, but Koreans apparently have a problem with people wearing their own face.


It all started when an Australian man called “Howard,” whom one can assume is of Korean descent, stood in front of the North Korean cheerleaders and waved a flag at Wednesday’s Olympics hockey game.

The problem? Howard resembled North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un a little too much for the South Korean police attending the game.

All Koreans with extra meat on their bones and wearing a ubiquitous black outfit apparently makes one an impersonator of Dear Leader, I guess.

Security grabbed Howard and rushed him out into a hallway.

The police argued Howard broke the rule banning political speech at the Olympics. The impersonator argued he hadn’t. He’d just waved a flag while looking like himself.


It looks as if all’s well that ends well for Howard…

For now. But surely there are people in the International Olympic Committee and the North Korean regime who might want to make life difficult for Howard for pulling such a stunt. The Kim family definitely won’t find it funny and the idea they will want retribution is not simply beyond the realm of possibility, but likely.

In the meantime, we can probably all agree that Howard was awesome.


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