Discord Within The Discord: Moderate GOP and Freedom Caucus Not Working Together On AHCA

The leader of the House’s group of moderate Republicans, The Tuesday Group, says they aren’t playing ball in the Republican leadership’s negotiations with the conservative House Freedom Caucus.


Rep. Charlie Dent (R – Penn.) was “on the fence” about the bill as late as Tuesday, but has since decided he cannot support the bill.

Moderates, critical to passing the AHCA, slipped away from the bill on Thursday, throwing the question of whether the American Health Care Act would pass or not if a vote was held as planned.

The White House has sent every major player that doesn’t bear the name Trump to Capitol Hill Thursday night. Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon met with House leadership and others earlier in the evening, while Kellyanne Conway arrived for the meeting with the full Republican conference.

Thankfully, the AHCA seems to be on the brink of failing. Trump and Ryan’s crew are working hard to cobble together the numbers to pass the AHCA.

Conservative members of the House and Senate have called for completely scrapping the AHCA and starting over.


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