Brit Hume Decimates Politifact Over Their Biden Cognitive 'Fact Check' That Hasn't Aged Well

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We've been reporting on Joe Biden's cognitive issues since before he occupied the White House. 

So Biden having issues shouldn't be a surprise to anyone providing honest coverage of him. 


The mainstream media acting now like this a surprise is a game in and of itself. If they want us to believe that, then what they're really saying is that they've failed to do their job for years. Indeed, they have. All this was out there to see and report, day after day. We know that because we did that. But a lot of the media was too busy focusing on providing Democratic defense and promoting Trump hatred. 

One journalist who has not been hesitant to assess Joe Biden is Brit Hume. He said in a Fox Interview in September 2020, "I don't think there's any doubt Biden's senile." 

Politifact did a "fact check" back then declaring Hume's assessment "false," while noting the term "senile" is an imprecise term. 

PolitiFact contacted experts in the health care of older people for their take on Hume’s use of the word senile and its application to Biden. They said Hume’s characterization is wrong.

It’s "a shameful display of ageism and ignorance," said Donald Jurivich, Eva Gilbertson Distinguished Professor of Geriatrics and Chairman of Geriatrics at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

The word "senile" may create a mental picture of someone who has stooped posture, is slow moving and cognitively impaired, Jurivich said. "I don't think any of these descriptors match Joe Biden's demeanor and vigor," he said.

From a geriatrician's perspective, Jurivich said, "the use of ‘senile’ is a pejorative descriptor and reflects unmitigated ageism."


So, leaving aside Biden for a moment, old people who are senile can't even be called senile because it's ageism? Incredible. 

Not only that, those blank looks of Joe's might just be because of his stutter. 

Jurivich said he has seen Biden in person and watched him during the debates with Trump and with Democratic primary candidates. He said he’s noticed that periodically Biden "pauses and has a perplexed look on his face as he collects himself to compensate for his stutter."

"It is said that up to 80% of communication is through non-verbal cues, and I feel that people misinterpret Joe Biden's facial expressions as something other than his adaptations to a childhood speech impediment," Jurivich said.

I'm sure that's why Biden is trying to talk to dead people, confusing the leaders of nations, and being incoherent. Even if you don't want to use the term senile, the problem of his incoherence has been out there for all to see for some time. 

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Now, four years later and in the wake of all the debate meltdown, our friends at our sister site Twitchy picked up on Hume's latest reaction. He cited to this "fact check" from Politifact and just finished them off with three words. 

"This, from 2020, has held up well." Hume tweeted sarcastically. "Experts," my a**: 

Don't hold back, Brit; tell us what you really think. 

But indeed, it says everything about how much of the media, in general, has dealt with all of this. It's shameless to try to suggest anyone in media is surprised now. 



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