Biden Creates Another Firestorm of Questions With Story About Doctor's Check-Up

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I reported about the meeting that some of the Democratic governors had with Joe Biden. He met with about 20 of them, some virtually, to reassure them about his candidacy. Then, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, and NY Gov. Kathy Hochul came out and spun the meeting to the media, trying to convince everyone that Biden was fine and that they were supporting him. 


One big question out of the meeting was why you didn't have California Gov. Gavin Newsom or Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer speaking after the meeting when their names have been batted around as possible replacements. 

Democrat Governors Meet With Joe Biden. What They Say After Raises Big Questions.

But now there's another big question that's come out as a result of leaks from the meeting, as Matt Vespa at our sister site Townhall reported, citing Politico. During the meeting, Biden reportedly told the governors that he'd been checked out by a doctor after the debate, 

Biden on Wednesday evening told more than 20 Democratic governors in a private meeting that he underwent a medical checkup after last week’s debate and is fine, according to three people with knowledge of the discussion.

During an hour-long meeting prompted by intensifying concerns about his health and political viability, one governor asked Biden about his physical condition. The president mentioned having had a checkup in recent days and asserted that he remains in good health, knocking on wood for effect, according to two of those people, who were granted anonymity to describe a private meeting.

This check-up was supposedly in relation to lingering symptoms from his "cold." 

Biden’s remark, according to a person familiar with the president’s schedule, was in reference to a short checkup by a White House physician in the days following the debate due to lingering symptoms from his cold. The exam, that person added, was brief and did not include any major tests.


So when did this supposedly happen, and why weren't we told, given the intensity with which he's been covered since the debate? 

Politico reported that when asked about whether he'd been examined since the debate, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sidestepped the question. Actually, according to the reporters, she said "no." 

That would seem to be a problem. 

Did this even happen? With Joe Biden, you can never be sure. Did he just make something up to the governors? If this happened, why wasn't it announced, and why didn't KJP seem to know about it? Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing in this clown car of an administration? 

And just the fact that this was leaked says to me that there's dissension in the ranks, and they didn't manage to reassure those governors. 


A couple of other juicy tidbits out of the meeting? 

Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico and Janet Mills of Maine were concerned about their states, believing that the blue states were now in play. That spells big trouble for Biden if true. We saw that the possibility of New Mexico was backed up by internal polling from Open Labs. We'll have to see more polling on that, but that's a big question. 

Brutal Leaked Internal Polling for Biden Shows Just How Badly the Debate Damaged Him 

Staffers are also leaking. 

Privately, however, at least two staffers expressed concern about the uncertainty of Biden’s path forward. “They got through today, but it’s still very unclear where this goes,” said one of the staffers with direct knowledge of the meeting.

They can't even convince the staffers. 

What a mess.



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