Jon Stewart Goes There With Joe Biden and the 25th Amendment - Even His Audience Is Shocked

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It's hard to imagine how Thursday evening's debate could have gone worse for Joe Biden. 

When even your strongest supporters and the liberal media enclave can't find a way to spin it in your favor, you know it was bad. And it was bad. Very bad. 


Even Jon Stewart went there on "The Daily Show" as he covered what happened. 

This is what Stewart had previously said on the matter, asking all these people who said Biden was "sharp" why they didn't take video of it. 

Because, Jon, it wasn't true? We knew then, but now it's confirmed all the above people are liars/delusional. 

On his show on Thursday night, Stewart played this moment for the audience. Listen to the shocked reaction of the people when they see and hear Biden's brain breaking. 

They know how bad that was when they see it. 

But that's a constant condition with Biden; we've reported on it over and over again. 


It's shameful that some are only finding out now, and that's mostly on the Democrats and the media because this was all out there to see. They just denied it and/or didn't cover it, to the detriment of our country. But on Thursday night, they weren't able to hide it anymore. 

Stewart did try to "both sides" it a bit, attacking both candidates. This was copium. He didn't want to recognize that Trump did well. 

Warning for graphic language: 

But then, Stewart then made a great point about how the worst part of the debate for Biden wasn't when he was speaking but when he wasn't speaking. The looks he had were scary. I kept saying in the live blog we had, "Look at his eyes!" This was reality. Listen to the audience and check Stewart's face as he asks how he did "not talking.'" 

"Not great," Stewart conceded. 


"But, uh, a lot of people have Resting 25th Amendment Face," Stewart said. 

Exactly. That's the biggest takeaway, I think, even more than anything Biden said, and he said a lot of dumb/bad/incoherent things. 

Chip Roy to File 25th Amendment Resolution After Biden Debate Nightmare -
Will Any Honest Dems Join Him?

As my colleague Becky Noble wrote, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said he was going to put forth a 25th Amendment resolution after this. Good for him. Democrats should have admitted the problem long ago. And even if it isn't ultimately successful, he should still pursue it on principle. 

That face and those empty eyes.

This is scary stuff, and it's dangerous for our nation. 



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