Trump Team's New Ads Nail Biden, Humorously Show What You Will Get If You Vote for Him

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My colleague Bob Hoge wrote about one of the new mock ads that comedian Jimmy Failla made for his Fox News Saturday Night show. 

It's definitely one funny skit. 


But there's a serious point to that mockery of Biden -- to show the danger that can put the country in. And the Trump team has new ads ready to go that are already looking beyond whatever malarkey Biden may try to spin during the debate. 

Here's the serious one first that highlights in 30 seconds the big problems that Biden has brought to the country with some good visuals, including the people trying to hang off the plane in Afghanistan during the chaotic withdrawal, the crushing grocery prices under Biden, and the massive influx at the border that has so harmed the country. 

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? The answer for most is no. 


That's important to keep hitting over and over again, that Biden isn't just incoherent, what he does in terms of policy is very bad as well. Americans are suffering in their wallets and in their lives because of Joe Biden.

Then this one makes a terrific point about how a vote for Biden is really a vote for someone else -- Kamala Harris. 

"When you think about the Joe Biden you saw in the debate, ask yourself a question. Do you think the guy who was defeated by the stairs, got taken down by his bike, lost a fight with his jacket, and regularly gets lost, makes it four more years in the White House? 

And you know who's waiting behind him, right? Vote Joe Biden today, get Kamala Harris tomorrow." 

That's funny and makes the brilliant point that this is really a vote for cackling Kamala Harris, who has even worse numbers than Biden when it comes to approval. She couldn't even do the one job he gave her in regard to the border. So either way you slice it with Biden-Harris, you get cascading failure.  


The two ads are going to be running during the debate in the battleground states. So that's also excellent timing to blunt whatever nonsense that they may come up with to have Biden do and make those critical points.  

I think they should also do one on how Biden is the real threat to the Republic, attacking all norms. But these are a good start that really hit home on important points and remind people no matter what Biden says, this is the reality. 


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