Trump Shares Hilarious Mock Ad: 'If You're Having Trouble Sleeping, Ask Your Doctor About BIDENICA….'

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Fox News host Jimmy Failla is a former cab driver turned stand-up comedian who often appears on Greg Gutfeld’s show, titled appropriately enough, “Gutfeld!” The funnyman released a mock commercial this week, which Donald Trump shared on the eve of his scheduled presidential debate showdown with failed incumbent Joe Biden.


I often argue that comedy and mockery are some of the best ways to expose the failings of bumbling leaders like Joe Biden, and this fake ad has it in spades. Parodying the countless drug commercials we see constantly on our televisions, the spot touts the fictional pharmaceutical “BIDENICA” as the solution to all your insomnia problems.

The ad shows Biden in several public appearances where he trails off during speeches or just plain spouts nonsense—something we’ve become all too used to in recent times. It starts out with the line, “If you’re having trouble sleeping, ask your doctor about BIDENICA, the sleep aid made from 100 percent Joe Biden press conference [sic].” I was already laughing.


What I especially liked about the effort was the onscreen chyrons, which mimic those shown in real pharmaceutical ads. They’re a little hard to read, but here’s a sample: “Do not climb stairs or operate heavy equipment while taking BIDENICA.”

We know why they included that little zinger:



Keep away from dogs. BIDENICA has been known to cause aggression in canines.[Read about Biden's doggie problems here.]

Tell you’re doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or if you’ve taken bribes from Ukrainian and Chinese nationals in the last 15 years.

Stop taking BIDENICA and call your doctor right away if you speak gibberish, become disoriented and start thinking you are the President of the United States.

In clinical trials, 93 out of 100 children taking BIDENICA developed mild-to-severe-affluenza and a very, very expensive cocaine habit. 

These chyrons were displayed as people fell asleep and snored while listening to Biden’s mumblings and ramblings. I readily admit that I have a juvenile sense of humor—I consider "Airplane" and the 1970s "Pink Panther" movies with Peter Sellers some of the funniest comedies ever made—and this may not be for everyone. In my humble opinion, however, this was spot-on and hilariously exposed the ridiculousness of Joe Biden as well as any strongly-worded op-ed could. 


It’s far funnier than any SNL skit, Jimmy Kimmel monologue, or Stephen Colbert humor-free diatribe

Comedy is an extremely effective weapon:

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The stakes are high Thursday night, and the future of our country may well be at stake. Sometimes, though, humor is the best way to reveal the truth. To quote "1984" author George Orwell: “Every joke is a tiny revolution.”



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