Biden Made Another Bizarre Remark at LA Fundraiser That Has Everyone Talking

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The Biden team is now trying to push back against the videos that reveal what's going on with Joe Biden. 

They're a little late because there are probably hundreds — if not thousands — of videos revealing his incoherence and other issues. But they were particularly unnerved over the video showing him wandering off at the G7 to try to engage a skydiver, then having to be turned around by Italian leader Giorgia Meloni. But it happened, and they can't argue it away, even though they tried to attack some takes on it. They were also upset about the story of Biden at the fundraiser "freezing" — standing still for a few moments — then being taken by the hand by Barack Obama to start to leave the stage. They tried to show an "alternate view" and argued the "freezing" was a "lie." But they can't contextualize away the fact that he stood there, not moving for a couple of moments, and Obama then took Biden by the hand to turn him around to start leaving the stage. 


As my colleague Bob Hoge observed, they can spin all they want but the American people are still seeing it. That's what they're truly upset about — because they know it's making a difference in the election. 

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They would like to try to blame the RNC or the New York Post. But everyone is seeing his issues, including the European press and attendees at the G7 who said Joe was "losing focus" and the worst he has ever been. There were the lawmakers who spoke to the Wall Street Journal about Biden "slipping," and even Special Counsel Robert Hur gave him up as an elderly guy with a "poor memory," not to mention that there were "indecipherable" moments as well in the transcript of their interview. 

Unfortunately for the Biden team, Joe Biden is Joe Biden, and there are endless examples of his issues. They can't spin them all away. Indeed even in the fundraiser on Saturday where Obama took his hand, Biden had at least one other moment that is exciting comment for his incoherence. How are they going to try to explain this one away? 


Now, if you are wondering what the heck he just said, you're not alone, I think. What a scrambled mess that was. But that's Joe Biden's brain now — it's pudding. 

Here's the White House effort on that mishmash. 

We have the highest unemployment — the highest — the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years.  We have more people — we’ve had over 50 million people, brand new, hired into the workforce. 

You know, my — my son says, “You ought to have a — you know, we all have various short-term descriptions for your jobs — for your — what — what you accomplished.  And you should say, ‘Joe jobs,’ because it’s about jobs, about giving people a shot.  You give them a shot, they never let you down.”  (Applause.)

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  There you go. 

As to any substance in that mess, Biden said "highest unemployment," and then he had to correct himself. He says 50 million "brand new hired into the workforce." That's just not true. Usually, Biden claims 15 million, and I think he might have said 15 here. But that's not even true because those were chiefly people returning to work after the lockdowns. They were not "brand new." 

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As for the rest of it, maybe Hunter, who seems to have traded off being a "Biden" and just got convicted on gun charges, isn't the guy to propound on jobs, even if he is the "smartest" guy that Joe knows? Joe couldn't even get out one simple sentence there about what his son supposedly says.


"Joe jobs?" How about Joeflation -- as in the inflation that's crushed everyone? That would be far more accurate. 

Also, what do you suppose Obama is thinking? Some think he's the power behind the scenes. If he is, you would guess he has to be thinking: "What did I buy myself here?" 



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