Wilmington, DE Residents Don't Hold Back When Asked About Hunter Biden's Felony Convictions

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I’ve heard from folks familiar with Wilmington, Delaware, and the Biden family that they are not well-liked in the area, despite what people might think about their power.


I think the interviews that Townhall’s Mia Cathell did with some Wilmington residents may just bear that out.

I think it’s fair to say some of the people she spoke with weren’t fans of the Bidens. They didn’t hold back about what they thought about the conviction. 

Cathell spoke to one woman who worked in the town who said she had some thoughts but didn't want to go on camera because she was concerned about retaliation. However, she said it was "Bidenworld out here."

One woman joked with Cathell, "Head down 4th Street until you reach Rodney," joking that was "Hunter's street corner," a reference to a text Hunter sent to Hallie Biden that came out in court about smoking crack there. 

Several people did go on camera. 

Warning for graphic language:

Some were surprised that Hunter was convicted, believing he would walk away scot-free. 


One man said that Hunter "deserved" what he got, "And every other Biden in between." 

Another man said if he were a black male, he would have "gotten that charge."

The first man said he thought anyone else would have been locked up all this time, "If I had a gun charge right now, no license, nothing, the cop pull up on me, threw me against the f**king wall, I'm going straight to jail. I ain't shoot nobody, kill nobody. I'm going straight to jail." He said he didn't condone what Hunter did and would not be voting for Joe Biden at all. 

Another woman thought he should be behind bars awaiting his next court date [for sentencing]. When asked if she thought he was guilty, she said, "Of course he's guilty," saying he bought crack and "lied on the thing." 

Another resident who "grew up" with the Biden family and lived in the area for "thirty years" called Hunter a "crackhead." 

Two black Trump supporters, lounging in the front entryway of a residential building blocks behind Market Street, indicated they're not backing Biden either. (As for Trump, "I'm tired of people saying he's racist. That's my guy!" the one said, sitting on a staircase's concrete landing and haphazardly swinging his legs over the ledge.)


Another man spoke about the tax charges against Hunter, which he has yet to go on trial for, and expressed a negative view about Hunter over that. 

If Joe Biden thinks he's loved in the area, I think he might want to check out Mia's report because he might get a rude awakening. But in all honesty, it's probably not surprising. Most people think the law should be followed and upheld and they don't want rich/powerful/political people getting away with things. People are bothered when the laws are not applied evenly, and that's why so many are disturbed by the lawfare against former President Donald Trump, which many believe is political. But I wonder, given the tenor of the people Cathell spoke with, how many folks Biden may lose in Delaware. He's already in so much trouble in other states. 


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