AOC Calls Out Antisemitism at Protest, Left Throws a Fit at Her, She Desperately Tries to Get Them Back

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) got herself in trouble with the left on Tuesday by finally calling out antisemitism at a protest outside the memorial Nova Festival exhibit in New York City. The exhibit was recognizing the massacre of the people at the festival in Israel on Oct. 7 by Hamas. But protesters apparently couldn't take that and had an unhinged tantrum outside the exhibit and in other areas of New York. 


The callousness, dehumanization, and targeting of Jews on display at last night’s protest outside the Nova Festival exhibit was atrocious antisemitism - plain and simple.Antisemitism has no place in our city nor any broader movement that centers human dignity and liberation.

Now, it is funny that she's finally saying this, given the position of the Squad on these matters. 

She's supported the radical protesters and helped get us to this crazy point in history. The antisemitism of these protesters is not new; it's been present there throughout. Now that they're getting even more out of control, she wants to say this? Are the polls that bad? 

And what's truly funny is that the left then fell upon her in the comments for daring to say anything about the antisemitism, claiming that she didn't care about the "genocide" and asking if she was getting money from AIPAC. And if she thought she was tracking back to the middle to help ensure a political future for herself, that really didn't solve things with everyone else who thought she had helped fuel the leftist madness. Most weren't accepting that she was sincere in her comment. 


The polling for her fellow Squad member Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) is in the tank. He's in big trouble, and she's likely thinking she doesn't want to suffer the same consequences. 

So her comments were truly lit with everyone yelling at her from all sides of the aisle. 

She responded to the backlash by trying to lay out her leftist cred, noting in a tweet thread.

It is laughable.We can mobilize to end the atrocities in Gaza and combat the rise of antisemitism at the same time. Bigotry in organizing spaces imperils everyone’s work. I work to end the war, protect ALL my constituents, and fight AIPAC. Believe it or not, you can do all 3.

Additionally, the accusation that my disgust at antisemitism and bigotry must be because I’m getting paid ALSO reeks of antisemitism. Especially given the absolute mountain of evidence of how I fight AIPAC + other lobbies every day. It’s unsubstantiated, conspiratorial, gross.

I am one of the only members of Congress to cosponsor the ceasefire reso since Day 1. I consistently vote NO on military budgets, including further weapons to Israeli gov. I think Netanyahu is a war criminal. AIPAC targets me.AND I find antisemitism disgusting. Deal with it.


The desperation was palpable as she tried to get her leftist base back. She attacked them again, calling the attack on her itself "antisemitic."  So that probably isn't going to help.

We shall see. She's in a better position than Bowman. But she didn't help herself with her leftist base with this one. 



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