It Sure Looks Like Fire Alarm Enthusiast Jamaal Bowman Is About to Go Down in Flames

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Is one of the worst members of the House of Representatives about to go down in flames? It sure looks that way after a new poll found Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) getting trounced by his primary opponent, George Latimer. 


The primary election is set for June 25th, leaving Bowman little time to make up ground as his popularity continues to sink.

This isn't exactly an outlier. Signs that Bowman was in trouble first started to emerge in late 2023, and a poll in April also had him trailing by a sizable margin. 

This follows Bowman pleading guilty to criminal charges related to him pulling a fire alarm on the U.S. Capitol grounds. While the congressman claimed he thought the fire alarm would "open the door," video showed him removing signs warning a siren would sound. Given Congress was in the process of a very contentious vote, many have speculated he was trying to obstruct the proceeding for political reasons. 

That probably wasn't what broke the camel's back, though. Instead, what seemed to really change Bowman's fortunes was his deranged support of Hamas. He even fell for a hoax involving someone claiming to be the "chief rabbi of Gaza." Naturally, Bowman wasn't smart enough to realize that Jews aren't allowed to live in Gaza, much less have synagogues. 


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At another point, the congressman suggested that claims of Hamas raping women on October 7th were "propaganda." It was so bad that Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman, a fellow Democrat, called him out. Bowman has billed himself as the only male member of "the squad," which includes rabid antisemites Rashida Tlaib (MI), Cori Bush (MO), and Ilhan Omar (MN). 

So, is he actually in trouble? The evidence says he is. Latimer is a known commodity in Democrat politics in New York, and he's very popular. He's not some long-shot primary opponent, and he's got strong financial backing. Bowman's two terms have been punctuated by nothing but idiocy, and I think that's finally catching up to him. Sure, it'll just be another Democrat replacing a Democrat, but someone like Bowman being taken out politically is always a good thing.



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