Jill Biden's Interview on 'The View' Is a Festival of Upside-Down Delusion

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Joe Biden is down in the polls and at this point, his team is getting desperate. 

We saw that with the move that they pulled outside the Trump trial on Tuesday, showing up with actor Robert De Niro in tow and trying to attack Trump in a breaking of all norms, right before the case was to be handed to the jury. That was a pretty vile move, but it likely will backfire on them as most of their moves have so far. It was a complete banana republic move. The Trump team called them out for confirming the political nature of the trial. 



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But they're also sending Jill Biden out to stump for Biden, including on "The View." Her appearance and the reaction of the hosts are pretty hilarious in terms of what they would have us believe about Joe Biden. You can believe your own eyes and ears. Or you can believe Jill and Joy Behar. This is pretty funny, though. Because everything they say about Trump isn't true, yet it is true about Biden. 

First, you have Joy Behar claiming that when she's spoken with Joe Biden, he's "right on top of it." "What do we have to do to tell people that the man is competent, alert able to do the job?" Joy asks.

Then she claimed that the "other guy" is "doddering and doesn't remember anything and can't put a sentence together and has brain farts." Trump is so in their head they can't even say his name, they're so psychologically disturbed. 


Maybe the answer to Joy's question is to hide him in the basement again? Because we can see that Biden isn't competent and isn't able to do the job. We can see that Trump can speak extemporaneously for hours at rallies, yet everything Joy claims about Trump applies to Biden. But they want us to reject the evidence of our own eyes. 

Jill claimed that the election wasn't going to be about age but about character. You have to say that when you have a guy like Joe who truly can't put sentences together. 

Yes, let's talk about character. Joe loses there, too, since he has horrible character, constantly lying to the American people and saying things that couldn't possibly be true. He even lied to the American people about Hunter's laptop during the last debate. Oh, and can we talk about the lawfare and how his campaign just confirmed the political nature of Trump's prosecution by showing up at the court on Tuesday and trying to influence things? 

Jill was asked about the debates and she says she thinks it's good that they will turn off the microphones to prevent rambling or screaming. 

Jill insists that you're going to see how smart and experienced he is and then claims she's using "Joy's words" and that Trump "can't put a sentence together." 


Has she seen her husband? He's constantly rambling and screaming, particularly when he's challenged, as he's very likely to be during the debates (assuming he even shows up and doesn't come up with some excuse). I can point to any number of examples of him rambling and screaming, not to mention his brain breaking and not being able to form a sentence. 

Here's an infamous screaming incident from March 2020 where Biden curses a voter who knows far more than him on guns and doesn't back down. This guy is a hero. 

Warning for graphic language: 

Here's Biden lying about the laptop including at the last debate. 

Now, there are so many instances of Biden's brain breaking it's hard to choose. But let's just go back to his last speech at West Point, where he lied — again — about being appointed to the Naval Academy and then had his brain break midway, unable to read his teleprompter. 


"I shouldn't get into this" is what he says when his brain breaks, and he's looking for filler because he doesn't know what he is supposed to say. 

They talked about what they needed to do to make people get it that "we are in a better place now." 

But Americans know we're not in a better place with Joe Biden, with more inflation, foreign wars, illegal immigration, and chaos. They just keep insinuating that the American people are somehow idiots and not getting it rather than trying to change their bad actions to attract voters. Americans tend not to appreciate it when you don't listen to their concerns. 

Meanwhile, the Biden team is flailing. All they know how to do is whip up fear against Trump, and that isn't working anymore. 

Jill tried a last gambit talking about the Supreme Court, saying we will lose all our rights if Trump wins. That's just insane. 


Meanwhile, it's the Democrats trying to whip up controversies against the conservative justices in an effort to undermine the Court. 

So, again, who is the real danger here? It isn't Trump or the Republicans. 

Jill Biden is a festival of upside-down delusion. 


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