Stephen Colbert Accidentally Skewers Biden and Dems' Ridiculous Attacks on Trump

"The Late Show" YouTube video: "Puppetry In The First Degree"

Joe Biden had a bit of hilarious news this week that had people mocking him. 

His team put out how they want to hire a "meme page manager": 


Fox panelists laughed at it, noting how former President Donald Trump is authentically funny, and Biden and Kamala are just "not."  They have to hire someone to help them be funny and connect with people. 

As Harris Faulkner noted, if he's trying to sell "cool," that's not going to go over well. It's silly when you pretend to be what you aren't. And as she noted, who do they think they're appealing to and is someone really going to vote on the basis of a meme? 

But Stephen Colbert -- who is a full-throated Biden supporter -- managed to accidentally put a cap on how ridiculous this effort from the Biden team is. 

He covered the story about the Biden team wanting to hire the meme page manager. I don't know what he was thinking but it ended up looking like he was mocking Biden -- and it certainly showed how ridiculous the effort was, with the weird things that Colbert came up with. 

Here's the thing that went viral. I give you fair warning for weird. Colbert did a "Skibidi Biden" toilet meme: 


How bizarre is that, and so cringeworthy? But in a way, it's accurate on how cringeworthy Biden and the Democrats' comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler is, and how silly their meme effort is.  It's also gross when Biden or the Democrats do that; it's downplaying all the bad things that Hitler did to people. I think it went viral because most people said, what the heck is that?

Here it is with a little more context, and a couple more silly memes they came up thrown in: 

It doesn't get better with context, since it's still weird. But that truly captures the essence of Joe Biden. 

Some pointed that out -- noting some of his own weirdness:

That video on the left is a real take from Biden, just randomly shouting out, "WHOA!" at the end of the press conference with the Kenyan president earlier this week.:


That was on top of already snapping at a reporter who wanted to ask two questions, saying they weren't keeping their "deal" -- raising the question about what "deal" he was talking about. 

Maybe they should just concentrate on doing things like making Biden's policy better, having him lie less, and having him make sense. Except ... I expect that might be impossible. 


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