AOC Invokes God in Post Wishing Ill on Trump Rally in Bronx, Rallygoers Respond in Best Way Possible

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I wrote earlier about how Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) let the cat out of the bag when she spoke about lawfare keeping former President Donald Trump in New York, and that was why he was holding a rally in the South Bronx. She didn't seem to realize that she was acknowledging that the lawfare was acting as election interference. 


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It's not her district but it is her backyard, and she's clearly throwing a fit that people in the South Bronx have had enough of Biden and the leftists. 

A Politico reporter tweeted about the heavy rain this morning, predicting it would be a "muddy mess" in Crotona Park for the Trump rally. AOC responded saying, "God is good." 

She's essentially wishing ill on the South Bronx rallygoers -- that the rally will be a mess for them -- and she's invoking the name of God in that wish. Not exactly a good look. But she's a petty child, and she shows that again here. They've had enough to deal with for years with the Democrats, and they are anxious for a change. 

But AOC doesn't understand Trump supporters. They line up for hours before events, come rain or shine. Before the rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, dozens of people including a friend of mine camped on the beach the night before. They're not put off by a little rain or mud. And the rain cleared and the weather was great by the afternoon. 

Trump supporters responded with the best possible response Thursday: showing up in droves, by the hundreds and now, it looks like the thousands. Maybe New York is becoming a little bit less blue, if this is any indication. 


Warning for graphic language:  

Kids were even excited that a rapper showed up. 

The venue permit was for 3,500, but it looks like they are more than that already; the lines to get in are long. 

People also reminded AOC that folks in the Bronx while they will come out for Trump, they haven't come out for her, posting a view of an event that she had that was sparsely attended, although it did have protesters. 

I think that someone is going to have to go check on AOC; she probably isn't handling this well. I think I feel another tantrum coming from her after she gets rebuked so badly. This is a big message to other Democrats and Biden as well. People are not going to be taken for granted, and they're sounding off today. 


Update [6:05 p.m. EDT]: We couldn't resist adding this perfect reaction as an update!


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