WATCH: AOC's Response About Leaving Hamas in Place and Blaming Israel Is Just Unreal

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We've seen. a lot of twisted reactions from the Squad when it comes to the Israeli-Hamas war. 

We've already seen people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) coming out in favor of a ceasefire. She claimed Israel had a "right to self-defense" but argued against that. Even the CNN host couldn't quite believe AOC said it. She made it even worse by saying we had an obligation to accept refugees from Gaza. No, we are not obligated to accept people who hate us, whose government is a terrorist organization that just killed more than 1,400 people. 


However, AOC seemed to double down on that position and made it worse during an interview with MSNBC's Medhi Hassan. She likely thought she could be freer with what she had to say on that network. Hassan did ask her a good question and her response was just unreal. 

"You would accept a ceasefire, though, would leave Hamas in place?" 

She didn't care if that left the terrorists who killed Israelis and Americans in place, and she made that clear, "In the immediate sense, we have to have a pause."

That's nonsensical, if you take that position, you can never respond to being attacked if it might impact civilians. Plus, she seems to ignore Hamas has gotten ceasefires before, and that hasn't stopped them, they still committed horrible atrocities in their attack on October 7, kidnapping and killing women and children. Unlike Israel, they targeted those people. But AOC would give them a pass so they could have time to resupply and then go back and do it again.


Instead, she attacked Israel for their actions which she described as "indiscriminate." 

She spoke about the "asymmetry" of the response. 

No "indiscriminate" is targeting and killing little children. "Asymmetry" is acting as though people who are attacked should just take it because the people of the enemy might get hurt if you respond. With this approach, Hamas can commit all kinds of atrocities -- which they did -- but Israel has to tie its hands. 


This kind of ridiculous foreign policy puts us and our allies in danger. This is supporting terrorism and will result in many more people dying if that were the position pursued. Can we talk about one more reason that Democrats have to be voted out? They are terrible at foreign policy and their weakness is what causes these situations and/or makes them worse. 



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